National ID Mass Registration To Go Full Blast by Mid-2020

  As anticipated, the PSA began the pilot run for national ID registration last Sunday, September 1, 2019.  They are currently focused on having DSWD beneficiaries in Metro Manila registered to the national ID system.  Government employees, particularly the employees of the PSA are also counted in the pilot run. According to the information weContinue reading “National ID Mass Registration To Go Full Blast by Mid-2020”

National ID for Children Below 5 Years Old

Children must be issued their very own National IDs as well.  Most parents may ask how soon after a child is born, can he be registered and listed as an owner of a National ID? Here are the guidelines set by the PSA for the national ID registration of children: Children below five years oldContinue reading “National ID for Children Below 5 Years Old”

What Personal Information Will Be Placed In Your National ID?

A National ID applicant will be required to submit his PSA birth certificate upon registration and majority of the information that will be placed in his ID will be lifted from his birth certificate.  Below are the demographic and biometric information that will be collected from you when you apply for a National ID: DemographicContinue reading “What Personal Information Will Be Placed In Your National ID?”

National ID Registration Begins In September

It’s ‘all systems go’ for the national ID system by September 2019, as announced by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) this week.  The government is targeting about six million individuals to be registered to the national ID system, kicking off the distribution of about 100 million ID cards to all Filipino citizens and resident aliensContinue reading “National ID Registration Begins In September”

The New National ID Is Not Yet Available

Do not fall for social media posts saying that the creation and distribution of National IDs have already begun.  This is not true. I chanced upon a Facebook post last month announcing that Filipinos may start claiming their IDs by December 2018, even citing a TV station as its source.  The post was shared moreContinue reading “The New National ID Is Not Yet Available”

When Will The National ID Be Implemented?

A lot of people have been asking when the PhilSys ID (or National ID) will be implemented so we did some research to find out. Earlier, we mentioned that the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has been assigned to manage the implementation of the national ID system. Last October 2018, the PSA announced that they shallContinue reading “When Will The National ID Be Implemented?”

PSA Birth Certificate: First Requirement When Getting Your National ID

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is anticipated to pilot run the National ID system in December this year, targeting one million Filipinos to be given their very own national ID under the Philippine Identification System.  The national ID shall be honored in both private and government transactions, especially those that require the confirmation of aContinue reading “PSA Birth Certificate: First Requirement When Getting Your National ID”

All You Need to Know About the National ID System

Sooner than later, we shall be required to register with the Philippine ID system and get our very own national ID.  On August 6, 2018, the President signed the national ID system bill into law, mandating the government to create a single official identification card for all of the country’s citizens and foreign residents. WhatContinue reading “All You Need to Know About the National ID System”