List of Hours When Students Are Free To Ride the MRT and LRT

Beginning today, July 1, 2019, students of Metro Manila get to ride the MRT-3, LRT-2, and PNR trains for free during rush hours.  This is an official announcement made by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) last week and is called the “Student Free Ride Program”. Students can ride the said train lines for free fromContinue reading “List of Hours When Students Are Free To Ride the MRT and LRT”

List of Liquids Allowed at the MRT

I took the MRT last week and was surprised to see long lines of passengers (ladies mostly) waiting for their turn to surrender the bottled liquids in their bags.  I realized then that the MRT has truly implemented its stern policy against bringing liquid (all kinds!) inside the trains.  I wanted to make a u-turnContinue reading “List of Liquids Allowed at the MRT”

Taking the MRT? Take a ‘Traincheck’ First!

If you are a frequent passenger of the MRT, you are in for a treat! A new web application that helps commuters check the status of MRT’s stations has been recently launched and is gaining positive feedback from its users. Imagine this: before heading out, you can go online and check the congestion levels atContinue reading “Taking the MRT? Take a ‘Traincheck’ First!”