No More ‘Window Hours’ Under the Number Coding Scheme

If your car’s plate number is on ‘coding’, you will have to wait until after 7:00PM before you can start driving down Metro Manila roads.  There will no longer be any ‘window hours’ between 10:00AM to 3:00PM, beginning October 25, 2016 that is. According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), this is one ofContinue reading “No More ‘Window Hours’ Under the Number Coding Scheme”

Something to Look Forward to: Traffic Re-routing at South Triangle, Quezon City

If you’ve ever passed through Quezon Avenue or any of the Scout streets along Timog Avenue, between the rush hours of 5PM to 9PM, you know how crazy the traffic situation there can get. If you are coming from the Espana Boulevard areas, you will notice jeepneys and UV Express vehicles racing against each otherContinue reading “Something to Look Forward to: Traffic Re-routing at South Triangle, Quezon City”

Odd-Even Traffic Scheme in Pasig Takes Effect Today

‘Carmageddon’, ‘May Forever’, and ‘Edsa Parking Lot’ are just some of the many monikers used by motorists and commuters to describe the seemingly endless traffic woes in Metro Manila.  People spend an average of two hours every day to get to their offices and another two hours to travel back home at night.  This couldContinue reading “Odd-Even Traffic Scheme in Pasig Takes Effect Today”

What We Need To Know About the Anti-Distracted Driving Act

It is now illegal to use your mobile phone while driving or temporarily stopped at a red light.  Mobile phone use include texting, calling, surfing the net, and all other such activities done on a phone or any electronic gadget that take the driver’s attention away from the road. The law also clearly states howContinue reading “What We Need To Know About the Anti-Distracted Driving Act”

How to Settle your MMDA Traffic Violations

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) re-implemented the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy last April 15, 2016.  This approach in monitoring traffic flow and violations in Metro Manila utilizes CCTV cameras and other gadgets to identify drivers that go against traffic rules in Metro Manila.  Violators are issued summons from the MMDA through personal serviceContinue reading “How to Settle your MMDA Traffic Violations”

To Tow or Not To Tow

In light of the recent illegal towing incident in Quezon City, a lot of questions were raised about the government’s policies on towing vehicles.  Towing is a rampant practice in the metropolis; its purpose is to clear major and side roads of illegally parked vehicles that cause traffic build-up, especially during rush hours.  However, basedContinue reading “To Tow or Not To Tow”

MMDA Motorcycle Lanes

Bonjour. Mabuhay. MMDA’s motorcycle lane starts today October 17, 2011. If you’re a motorcycle buff, you better start knowing your rightful place on the road. ================= The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has begun its implementation of its motorcycle lane scheme along Commonwealth Avenue and Macapagal Boulevard on Monday. The MMDA said beginning today, motorcyclesContinue reading “MMDA Motorcycle Lanes”

MMDA Smoking Ban Hotlines To Call

Bonjour. Mabuhay. I;m sure you all know about the new smoking ban in the Metro. In case you want to report yuing matitigas ang ulo, these are the numbers to call: MMDA: 136 LTFRB: 0921448777 LTFRB kapag nasa public utility vehicle or private vehicle na smoking in a non smoking area with windows down. Let’sContinue reading “MMDA Smoking Ban Hotlines To Call”