How to Pay for your PSA Certificate Delivery Orders

Last week, I shared how I was able to order for my entire family’s birth and marriage certificates online through  Like I mentioned, we are in the process of completing our documents for our upcoming trip to Japan, and while the rest of the family prepares excitedly for the trip, some of us wereContinue reading “How to Pay for your PSA Certificate Delivery Orders”


How to Settle your MMDA Traffic Violations

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) re-implemented the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy last April 15, 2016.  This approach in monitoring traffic flow and violations in Metro Manila utilizes CCTV cameras and other gadgets to identify drivers that go against traffic rules in Metro Manila.  Violators are issued summons from the MMDA through personal serviceContinue reading “How to Settle your MMDA Traffic Violations”

Your Guide To The Best Way In Getting An NSO Certificate

Bonjour. Mabuhay. I recently tried the online site service. It seems like an upgraded version of the site where you can chat and request for an NSO certificate. I realized that because that old site redirected me to this new one. Anyways, since I needed an certificate for me new born baby boy,Continue reading “Your Guide To The Best Way In Getting An NSO Certificate”