How To Update Your PhilHealth Membership Records

It is important to keep your PhilHealth Member Data Record updated to ensure that you and your beneficiaries are able to claim your benefits without delay when needed badly. You may have your member data record updated if: Civil status change for single members who got married. Declaring new or additional dependents. Changing membership typeContinue reading “How To Update Your PhilHealth Membership Records”

How to Download a Copy of your Philhealth MDR Online

Yesterday we shared the step-by-step process on how to create an online Philhealth account.  Now that you have one, you are free to enjoy the convenience of monitoring your and your employer’s contributions online.  Much more, you may now download and print a copy of your Member Data Record (MDR) whenever you need it. TheContinue reading “How to Download a Copy of your Philhealth MDR Online”

4 Easy Steps In Creating Your Philhealth Online Account

An online account with Philhealth allows you to monitor your monthly contributions and gives you an access to print your Member Data Record (MDR) anywhere you are.  Normally, a Philhealth member who does not have an online account will have to wait in line at a Philhealth branch or satellite office in order to obtainContinue reading “4 Easy Steps In Creating Your Philhealth Online Account”