How To Check If You Are Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit Based On Your Actual Monthly Contributions

I have been receiving a lot of questions on how a female SSS member can check (on her own) if she is eligible for maternity benefits from SSS. This is aside from the longer maternity leave days granted to all SSS female members this year. I noticed too that most of those who are askingContinue reading “How To Check If You Are Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit Based On Your Actual Monthly Contributions”

How to Avail Paternity Benefits in the Philippines

We are all familiar with maternity leave but not everyone may be well-versed with paternity leave and benefits.  Some of my guy friends are not even aware that there is such a thing.  So today’s blog will be all about the paternity leave and other benefits that soon-to-be fathers can take advantage of. Read on!Continue reading “How to Avail Paternity Benefits in the Philippines”

Philhealth Benefits for Moms and their Babies

The arrival of a newborn is always an exciting moment for parents.  There is nothing more precious than welcoming a new member of the family into your home. Philhealth makes having babies easier and more manageable through its care packages and benefits.  Knowing you are covered by these privileges as a Philhealth member allows youContinue reading “Philhealth Benefits for Moms and their Babies”

How To Compute for SSS Maternity Benefits

This article is for our mom-to-be followers who are wondering if they are qualified to claim for maternity benefits from the SSS.  Often, expectant mothers who only recently began making SSS contributions, or those who missed a month or two prior to their delivery dates, are worried that they would not be able to claimContinue reading “How To Compute for SSS Maternity Benefits”

Common Reasons Why Some Women are Denied the SSS Maternity Benefits

Our article on the SSS Maternity Benefits Reimbursement gathered a lot of feedback and questions from women wanting to avail of the SSS maternity benefits.  A handful were asking why their claims were denied in spite of following the step-by-step process we posted. We conducted further research on the reasons why some are not grantedContinue reading “Common Reasons Why Some Women are Denied the SSS Maternity Benefits”

SSS Maternity Benefits Reimbursement

As a female SSS member, whether employed, self-employed, unemployed, or voluntary, you are entitled to Maternity Benefits. To help you in filing for your Maternity Benefit claim, here is a summary of procedures and requirements. These were lifted from the SSS website ( and other helpful websites; the links are provided at the bottom ofContinue reading “SSS Maternity Benefits Reimbursement”