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My friend remembers that one of the most challenging things she had to accomplish for her wedding was securing a marriage license.  She recalls having a handful of questions about it but not being able to find anything of value online.  She ended up visiting the Quezon City hall where she finally got a list of the things she needs to prepare, the fees she needs to pay, and answers to her FAQs.

Her experience inspired me to write today’s blog and I hope that this too can help other would-be brides and grooms in preparing for their wedding (at least on getting the marriage license part, haha!).  Here are the questions she had in mind then; I turned them into FAQs!

Can I apply for a marriage license in Metro Manila even if my wedding will be held in Baguio?  I work in Manila and have lived her (temporarily) for seven years.  I was born and raised in Baguio.

Yes, you can.  Actually, you can apply for a marriage license at any of the following areas:

  • Where you or your fiance reside.
  • At your or your fiance’s hometown.

Just remember that when applying for a marriage license, you need to personally appear at the city hall or municipal hall – you cannot send a representative to secure the license for you.

You can use the marriage license anywhere in the Philippines.

What are the requirements I need to prepare?

  1. Duly accomplished marriage license application form (four copies).
  2. PSA birth certificates of the bride and groom.
  3. PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
  4. Certificate or proof that you have completed the required marriage counseling or seminar. There are some cities and municipalities that require the couple to attend the marriage counseling and the family planning seminar even if you have attended this before. Always check with the city hall and don’t be surprised if this is part of their requirements.
  5. Government-issued IDs such as your passport, UMID, Voter’s ID, SSS or GSIS, etc.
  6. Of course, your personal appearance.

Any other additional requirements I should know of?

Some city halls may require you to submit additional documents so it is best to have the following ready as well:

  1. Baptismal certificate
  2. Residence certificate/Tax certificate/CEDULA

Prepare photocopies of your documents as the city hall is sure to ask for copies for their records.

How do I file for a marriage license?

Once you have all the documents ready, you can file your application at the city or municipal hall of your choice.

Marriage license fees range between Php 280 to Php 350.  You can verify at the Treasurer’s office before you begin your transaction, just to be sure.

You will be issued a receipt after payment; this shall also serve as your claim stub.  Normally, a marriage license is released within 10 days after filing and payment.

Your marriage license is valid only for 120 days from the date of issue.  If you do not get married within the prescribed period, you will have to go through the entire process of securing a marriage license again, including the seminars.

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A marriage license must be issued to a couple who intend to get married anywhere in the Philippines.  Even if you are marrying a foreign national, you still need to secure a marriage license.  Once issued, a marriage license is valid within 120 days and will automatically be cancelled at the expiration of 120 days.

Here is the list of documents when applying for a marriage license at the Quezon City Hall.  After the wedding rites and all documents have been duly signed by the couple and their witnesses, the certificate of marriage must also be submitted to the Local Civil Registry of the Quezon City Hall to have the marriage registered.


Applicants may submit the documents under numbers 1 and 2 to Counters 10 and 11 at the Quezon City Hall.

    • Birth Certificate of both applicants or
    • Baptismal Certificates of both applicants;
    • If widowed, present a copy of the Death Certificate of deceased spouse;
    • If previous marriage was annulled, present a copy of the Court Decision and absolute Decree of Finality from the Court;
    • Community Tax Certificates of both applicants;
    • One ID Photo (colored or black and white) of each applicant;
    • Certificate of Family Planning and Marriage Counseling.
    • Applicant’s valid passport;
    • Certificate of legal capacity to marry issued by their respective diplomatic or consular officials;
    • If foreigner applicant is divorced, present a copy of Final Decree of Absolute Divorce;
    • Certificate of Family Planning and Marriage Counseling and Responsible Parenthood.
  3. Fees
    • Application Form – PHP50.00
    • Filing Fee – PHP 100.00
    • Marriage License Fee – PHP100.00
    • Registration of Marriage Certificate – PHP70.00
  4. Registration of Certificate of Marriage: Make 4 copies of the registration to be distributed as follows:
    • First copy – Local Civil Registry
    • Second copy – OCRG-NSO
    • Third copy – Solemnizing Officer or the Church
    • Fourth copy – For the couple


  • There is no age limit for Family Planning.
  • Couples who are 24 years old and below need to attend the Family Planning Sessions and Marriage Counseling seminar.
  • These sessions are scheduled for one-half day within the premises of the City Hall.  You may inquire at counters 8, 9, and 10 for the details of the seminars and family planning sessions.
  • Applicants below 21 years old need parental consent; applicants between 21 to 25 years old need advice from parents.
  • The Marriage License will be released after 10 days  after the application was filed.
  • Marriage licenses are released by the Quezon City hall everyday but only up to 4:00PM.



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Manila City Hall_8

A marriage license is required of couples who intend to get married in a church or through civil rites.  It can be secured at the city or municipal hall where the marrying parties reside.  The marriage license may be used anywhere in the country and is valid for 120 days.

Here are the list of requirements and steps to follow when applying for a marriage license at the Manila City Hall.

What you need to bring:

 For applicants between 18 to 21 years old

  1.  Birth certificate
    • Latest certified local copy – if born in Manila
    • PSA birth certificate – if born outside Manila
    • Latest original copy of baptismal certificate if the applicant does not have a record of birth.
  2. Latest PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
  3. Valid ID with address in Manila – bring the original copy and one photocopy
  4. Parental Consent (provided for under Article 14 of the Family Code of the Philippines)
    • Parent to appear at the Manila City Hall; bring a valid ID (original and photocopy)
    • Father, Mother, or Guardian – follow this order when one of the parents is not able to personally appear at the city hall.
    • Marriage Counseling – Manila Health Department and MSWD

For applicants between 21 to 25 years old

  1. The same requirements as for applicants between 18 to 21 years old:
  2. Parental Advice – Marriage license shall not be issued until after three months if parental advice is not obtained of if parents are not in favor of the marriage.  During the 3-month waiting period, the publication of the application shall be completed.  A sworn statement of the contracting parties must likewise be submitted indicating therein that the parents refuse to give advice.

For applicants above 25 years old

  1.  The same requirements as above:
  2. If the applicants are foreigners or former Filipino citizens but are now naturalized citizens of another country:
    • Passport – original and photocopy
    • Legal capacity to marry to be issued by their respective embassy in the Philippines.

If one of the applicants is a former Filipino citizen and a divorcee or foreign national formerly married to a Filipino, submit a Judicial Recognition of the absolute decree of divorce obtained abroad of his/her previous marriage.

Steps to follow:

  1. Request for an Order of Payment.
  2. Attend the seminar
    • For applicants 18 to 24 years old, proceed to Room 128-MHD and Room 108-MSWD
    • For applicants 25 years old and above, proceed to Room 128-MHD
    • A fee of Php 150.00 must be paid for the seminar.
  3. After the seminar, submit all documents to Ms Myrna Lopez at the counter for the application for Marriage Licenses.
  4. Marriage License will be released after 10 days.

Other reminders:

  1. If the applicants underwent a change in nationality, present naturalization papers/election of citizenship.
  2. If father is a foreigner and the mother is a Filipina, born from 1973 and earlier, please present an Affidavit of Citizenship.
  3. Please observe proper attire during oath-taking.  Avoid wearing shorts, sando, and slippers.

Source: http://manila.gov.ph/services/civil-registry/




Church Wedding Requirements

Bonjour!  Mabuhay!

Filipino weddings are known for its grandiosity, whether held in the city or in remote provinces.  We are not one to let a major family event, such as the wedding of a child or the renewal of vows of our parents, go by without pomp and prestige.  Our seniors would sometimes say, “Kahit ipangutang, makapag handa lang.  Minsan lang ikakasal, kailangan todo ang preparasyon.”

Being a predominantly Catholic country, most weddings in the Philippines are held in Catholic churches.  In spite of the growing popularity of outdoor themed weddings, a lot of couples still choose to go for the traditional church weddings officiated by a priest or a bishop.  It is every young girl’s dream to have her “door moment” (or that ceremonial moment when the church doors open to reveal the blushing bride about to take her first steps down the aisle); and what better way to experience the “door moment” than by the elaborate doors of a huge cathedral or a quaint chapel?

To make sure that you enjoy your “door moment”, free from the worries of lacking documents, I am sharing the following list of requirements and procedures for church weddings.

  1. Marriage License.  Make sure that the license is within the validity period of 120 days from the date it was issued.  Kung kinasal ka na sa civil rites bago ang iyong church wedding, kailangan i-submit ang inyong registered marriage contract sa parish.
  2. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates.  This is a Catholic Church requirement to prove that you have already received these two sacraments.  The copies must bear the annotation: “For marriage purposes only” and acquired three months before the wedding date.  Tandaan na marami pa ring parishes ang hindi pa digital ang filing kaya’t maaaring matagalan bago nila ma-produce ang inyong kopya.  That is why it is best that this be requested from your respective parishes as early as possible to avoid delays.
  3. NSO Birth Certificate and CENOMAR.  Believe it or not, these could be the easiest documents to acquire.  Ipa-deliver mo na lang by ordering online at www.nsohelpline.com or by calling (02) 737-1111.  Unlike the Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates na kailangan personal mong asikasuhin sa dati mong school o sa parish kung saan ka bininyagan, ang NSO Birth Certificate at CENOMAR ay pwede nang “zero leg work”.  One item off your to-do list just by going online or calling the hotline.  Huwag nang magpatumpik-tumpik pa.
  4. Pre-Cana/Marriage Preparation Seminar.  These are seminars hosted by the parish to help the couple prepare for their married life.  Pwede din kayong mag seminar under other independent organizations tulad ng Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE), Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM), and Discovery Weekend Philippines (DW).  Siguraduhin lang na accredited sila ng inyong parish.  Kailangan mag submit kayo ng certificate of participation mula sa seminars na inyong sinalihan bilang proof na kayo ay tapos na sa marriage preparation seminar.
  5. Canonical Interview.  Have you seen the movie “Big Wedding” (starring Robin Williams, Amanda Seyfried)?  That hilarious scene where the couple came to see Robin Williams (as the priest) and were interviewed as to how well they know each other.  That is an example of a canonical interview, minus the funny gimmicks.  Kung hindi available ang priest, kahit ang kanyang assistant ay maaaring mag conduct ng canonical interview; ito ay ginagawa one to two months before the wedding.  Maaari din na padalhan kayo ng parish ng listahan ng mga possible questions during the interview.
  6. Marriage Banns.  Ang Marriage Banns ay ang written announcements na pinapaskil sa parish ng ikakasal na babae at lalake.  Ito ang dahilan kung bakit kailangang na-accomplish na ng ikakasal ang mga church wedding requirements at least one month bago ang kasal – sapagkat ang Marriage Banns ay kailangang maipaskil ng at least three consecutive weeks sa kanilang respective parishes.  Kailangang ibigay ng mga ikakasal ang pangalan ng pari na magkakasal sa kanila at ang complete address ng kanilang parochial church para sa request letter for marriage banns mula sa simbahan kung saan sila magpapaksal.
  7. List of Principal Sponsors and Entourage Members.  One week bago ang inyong kasal, kailangang mag submit ng kopya ng inyong wedding invitation sa simbahan kung saan kayo ikakasal.  Siguraduhing nakasama sa wedding invitation copy ang listahan ng mga Principal Sponsors and Entourage Members.  Importante ang list of Principal Sponsors dahil isasama ito sa marriage license.
  8. Confession.  May mga simbahan na nagre-require na mag attend ng confession ang ikakasal, ilang araw bago ang wedding date.

It is best to coordinate closely with the parish office for any other requirements unique to them.  Tandaan, sa ganitong mga preparations, mapapatunayang totoo ang matandang kasabihan na: “Daig ng maagap ang masipag.”  Kaya’t huwag hintayin ang “11th hour” bago asikasuhin ang mga nasabing requirements.

Until my next post, fellow citizens!

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Marriage License Requirements Exemption

Bonjour!  Mabuhay!

A marriage may only be officiated after all the documentary requirements have been satisfied by the couple to be married.  Most important is the Marriage License granted by the Local Civil Registry.  There are, however, special cases when Marriage License requirements are waived or the marrying couple is exempted from executing the said requirements.

Kailan nangyayari ang exemption?  Let us find out:


Ang ibig sabihin ng Articulo Mortis ay “at the point of death” o “sa bingit ng kamatayan”.  According to Article 27 of the Family Code, kung ang bride o groom ay nasa bingit ng kamatayan, ang kasal ay maaaring ma-officiate kahit na walang marriage license.  The marriage will remain valid even if the party in “articulo mortis” eventually recovers and survives.

Bukod sa Judge, ang kasal ay maaaring ma-officiate ng Ship Captain, Airplane Pilot, or Military Commander.

Kung ang magkasintahan ay nasa barko o eroplano, maaaring idaos ang kasal habang naglalayag ang barko o in flight ang eroplano o kapag naka stopover ang mga sasakyan.  Ang Military Commander naman ay may authority to solemnize a Marriage in Articulo Mortis sa loob ng military operation zone.  Maaari syang magkasal ng mga miyembro ng military o mga civilian.


If both parties are unable to personally appear before a local civil registrar because their places of residence are remote and do not have means of transportation, they can get married without the need to execute a marriage license.  This is in consideration of the fact that there are still areas in the Philippines that lack access to transportation.

Take note na ito ay applicable lamang kung ang dalawang ikakasal ay parehong nakatira sa liblib o malayong lugar at walang access o paraan para makarating sa office ng LCR.  Kung ang isa sa kanila ay may paraan para makarating sa LCR office, hindi maaaring i-apply sa kanila ang exemption na ito.

In addition, kahit na pareho silang walang access sa transportation ngunit ang office of the LCR ay maaari naman nilang lakarin mula sa kanilang bahay (3 to 5 kilometers), kailangan pa din nilang kumuha ng marriage license.

Duty of Solemnizing Officer

With respect to Articles 27 and 28, ang Solemnizing Officer ay kinakailangang mag execute ng affidavit na nagsasabing:

The marriage was performed in Articulo Mortis (Article 27) or that the residence of either party, specifying the barrio or barangay, is so located that there is no means of transportation to enable such party to appear personally before the local civil registrar and that the officer took the necessary steps to ascertain the ages and relationship of the contracting parties in the absence of legal impediment to the marriage.

Kailangang mai-submit ng solemnizing officer ang mga sumusunod na documents sa LCR ng municipality kung saan naidaos ang kasal, thirty days after the performance of the marriage:

  • Original copy of the above affidavit
  • Legible copy of the marriage contract


Ang kasal ng mga Muslim at iba pang ethnic cultural communities ay exempted na din sa marriage license requirements.  Kinakailangan lamang na ang kasal ay ginawa ayon sa kanilang customs, rites, or practices.  The Family Code recognizes these customs and traditions.


Ang mga magkasintahan na magkasama na sa bahay (“live in”, co-habitants) ng at least five years at walang legal impediments para makapag pakasal (both are single), ay maaari nang magpakasal kahit walang marriage license.

Kailangan lang nilang mag execute ng affidavit stating the foregoing facts.  Ang solemnizing officer na magkakasal sa kanila ay dapat mag execute ng affidavit that he ascertained the qualifications of the contracting parties at walang legal impediments ang kanilang kasal.

Kahit hindi na kailangan ng marriage license, it is still best that you secure a copy of your and your partner’s CENOMAR, just to be sure.  For your privacy and convenience, pwede kang mag order online and pay online as well.  Just logon to www.nsohelpline.com. Sila na din ang magdedeliver sa iyo.  You can also call (02) 737-1111 for CENOMAR orders and deliveries.

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Bonjour. Mabuhay.

Planning on getting married soon? You do know that a crucial part of the preparation is securing a marriage license in order to make the wedding official and valid. So I’m going to put out a series of areas and the requirements needed in securing a marriage license in these featured areas.


Let’s start with the City of Manila:


(Personal Appearance of the applicant is required)


  1. Applicants between 18-21 years Old

– 1.1 Birth Certificate-  (Born in Manila) Latest Certified Local Copy / (Born outside Manila)  NSO Copy (get one online at www.NSOHelpline.com) / Latest Original Copy of Baptismal (If no record of birth )

– 1.2 Latest Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) (get one online at www.NSOHelpline.com)

– 1.3 Valid ID w/ Address in Manila – Original & Xerox

– 1.4 Parental Consent – Parent (Father, Mother or Guardian in the order mention) to come personally with valid ID (Original & Xerox)

– 1.5 Marriage Counseling   – Manila Health Dept. & MSWD

*Parental consent provided for under Art.14 of the Family Code of the Philippines


  1. Applicants between 21-25 years old

– 2.1 Birth Certificate –  (Born in Manila) Latest Certified Local Copy / (Born outside Manila)  NSO  Copy (get one online at www.NSOHelpline.com) / Latest Original copy of Baptismal (if no record of Birth)

– 2.2 Latest Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) (get one online at www.NSOHelpline.com)

– 2.3 Valid ID w/ Address in Manila –Original & Xerox

– 2.4 Parental Advice  – Both Parents must come personally w/ valid ID (Original & Xerox)

– 2.5 Marriage Counseling – Manila Health Dept. & MSWD

* Parental Advice – If not obtain or unfavorable, Marriage License shall not be issued till after 3 mos. following the completion of the publication of the application.

A sworn statement of the contracting parties must likewise be submitted indicating therein that the parents refuse to give advice.


  1. Applicants above 25 yrs. Old

– 3.1 Birth Certificate –  (Born in Manila) Latest Certified Local Copy / (Born outside Manila) NSO Copy (get one online at www.NSOHelpline.com) / Latest Original Copy of Baptismal (If no record of birth)

– 3.2 Latest Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) (get one online at www.NSOHelpline.com)

– 3.3 Valid ID w/ address in Manila (original & xerox)


  1. Foreigner  or Former Filipino Citizen but is now Naturalized Citizen of other country

– 4.1 Legal Capacity to marry to be issued by their Respective Embassy here in the Phil.

– 4.2 Passport – Original & Xerox

* If one of the applicants is a former Filipino Citizen and a Divorcee or Foreign National formerly married to a Filipino, SUBMIT Judicial Recognition of the absolute decree of divorce obtained abroad of his/her previous marriage.

SOURCE: http://manila.gov.ph/services/civil-registry/


I hope this helps planning couples who are setting their sights on getting married in the city of Manila. There are a lot of churches and gardens and venues where you can celebrate your big day in the capital city. So plan ahead and plan smart. enjoy your big day.


Bonjour. Mabuhay.

If you have plans of getting married, you will surely need a marriage license to get things going. Did you know that you need a lot of things to prepare when getting a license? Read on…

(2 weeks processing / Subject to Ten (10) days posting)

1. Certified Copy of Birth / Baptismal Certificate – bring original

2. Residence Certificates

3. Parental Advice (21 yrs. – below 25 yrs. old)

4. Parental Consent (18 yrs. – below 21 yrs. old)

5. Pre-Marriage Counseling (from DSWD and MHD)

6. Divorced Paper/Annulment Paper (if divorced/annulled)

7. Death Certificate (if widow/widower)

8. Barangay Certificate

9. Legal Capacity to marry issued by the Embassy (for foreigners)

10. Xerox copy of Foreigner’s Passport (for foreigners)

11. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

Application for Marriage License must be accomplished in own handwriting of applicants at the Civil Registry Office where one of them resides. LEFT column for MALE & RIGHT column for FEMALE.

Know more about NSO certificates here.
Source: http://www.citizenservices.com.ph/blog/view/id/253

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