Is ‘Marriage for Convenience’ an Invalid Marriage?

Percy has been working as an Overseas Filipino Worker in South Korea for almost five years when he met Kim, a Korean national.  He expressed his desire to stay permanently in South Korea and work without the need for contracts with a Philippine agency.  Upon learning this, Kim offered Percy a deal: for 500,000 SKW,Continue reading “Is ‘Marriage for Convenience’ an Invalid Marriage?”


Are Marriages Solemnized Abroad Considered Valid in the Philippines?

Brenda, a Pinay tourist in the US, married her cousin’s friend Doug, a US citizen, while on vacation in Florida.  A few months after the wedding, the couple traveled back to the Philippines to break the news to Brenda’s parents.  Sadly though, her parents vehemently opposed their daughter’s rash decision to marry a person theyContinue reading “Are Marriages Solemnized Abroad Considered Valid in the Philippines?”