How To Renew Lost Valid and Expired ePassports

I don’t know why or how but people lose their passports all the time. I know, because I lost mine some ten years back. When we were building our house and had to apply for electricity at the Meralco, my cousin borrowed my passport as proof of identification for the application. He failed to returnContinue reading “How To Renew Lost Valid and Expired ePassports”

How to Renew a Lost and Expired Philippine Passport

A basic requirement for passport renewal is the submission of the expired (or expiring passport) so the DFA can cancel its validity.  But what if the old passport has gone missing? Here’s how you can renew a lost and expired passport: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Personal appearance. Confirmed appointment. No need to submit a passport size photo.Continue reading “How to Renew a Lost and Expired Philippine Passport”

What To Do When You Lose Your Passport Abroad

Grace emptied her backpack as soon as she stepped into her hotel room.  She turned the bag upside down and shook out all the contents of the pockets and pouches.  She took off her jacket and cargo pants and rummaged through the pockets, even though she knew she will not find it there. With tremblingContinue reading “What To Do When You Lose Your Passport Abroad”