All You Need To Know About The Proof Of Parking Space Act

The internet is rife with videos of roadside drama often between MMDAs trying to tow a vehicle (or vehicles) and the vehicle’s owners. The reason? Illegal parking. An unattended and illegally parked vehicle will be towed by the MMDA right away. A 5-minute window and maybe a few honks from the tow truck driver toContinue reading “All You Need To Know About The Proof Of Parking Space Act”

Additional Benefits for Solo Parents in the Philippines

Solo parents can now confidently say, Hindi kami nag-iisa. Additional work leaves, scholarship grants, and cash subsidy are just some of the additional benefits that solo parents may enjoy under the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act (RA 11861). Read on. Parental leave. A solo parent shall be granted parental leaves of not more than sevenContinue reading “Additional Benefits for Solo Parents in the Philippines”

Philhealth and You : Partners For Life

Health is wealth, as the saying goes. And with the rising cost of medical services and procedures, maintenance medicines and health insurances, this adage truly never gets old. To help Filipinos receive the appropriate health care they deserve, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) was established by the government. Philhealth is the premier health insurerContinue reading “Philhealth and You : Partners For Life”