How to Register as a Voter thru iRehistro

The Comelec iRehistro is the online registration platform implemented by the COMELEC to allow Filipino voters to register, update their information, or reactivate their voter records and reinstate their name in the voters’ list. This was made available to the public last September 2020 and all qualified Filipino citizens are encouraged to sign up andContinue reading “How to Register as a Voter thru iRehistro”


4 Ways to Submit Your Voter Registration Form to the COMELEC

There are four ways to submit your Voter Registration form to the COMELEC.  Now that our movements are limited, it is good to know that there is an option to submit your registration form online, but with specific guidelines and reminders which I will include at the latter part of this blog. Meanwhile, feel freeContinue reading “4 Ways to Submit Your Voter Registration Form to the COMELEC”