How To Register The Birth Certificate Of A Foundling

A foundling is a child who was deserted or abandoned by its parents and whose birth details are unknown and undocumented. They are neither illegitimate nor orphans. There simply is no way to trace a foundling’s parentage and therefore, no way to determine the circumstances surrounding the child’s birth. Today’s blog will cover the intricateContinue reading “How To Register The Birth Certificate Of A Foundling”


The Quezon City Hall Series: Court Decrees and Legitimation

Parents who have children born before they were married can have their children legitimized by executing an Affidavit of Legitimation.  This must be submitted to the Office of the Civil Registrar of the child’s birthplace.  Court decrees, on the other hand, are legal instruments concerning the status of a person such as Admission of Paternity,Continue reading “The Quezon City Hall Series: Court Decrees and Legitimation”

Adopting a Foundling vs. Birth Simulation: What are the Pros and Cons?

After last Tuesday’s post on the characterization of a Foundling, I received numerous inquiries on adopting a foundling.  There were a handful who asked if it would be possible for the persons who found the foundling to simply facilitate the registration of the baby/child as if it were their own – meaning, have an NSO BirthContinue reading “Adopting a Foundling vs. Birth Simulation: What are the Pros and Cons?”

Who Is A Foundling?

Here is one word we don’t get to read every day: Foundling. Sino-sino ang itinuturing na Foundling?  May NSO Birth Certificate ba ang foundling?  Sino ang dapat na magpa-rehistro ng isang foundling sa LCR? Many are the questions surrounding the characterization of a Foundling.  My curiosity led me to the following facts that I wouldContinue reading “Who Is A Foundling?”