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A leading cause of traffic jams and road mishaps are drivers who deliberately disobey traffic rules.  It could be as uncomplicated as tailgating another vehicle, to overtaking on single or double white lines, to beating red lights especially when there are no traffic enforcers around.

If drivers knew how much they would have to pay, apart from the damages they could cause others because of their negligence, they would probably be a lot more careful on the road.

Our fourth installment in this series will focus on fines and penalties for Frauds and Falsities, and Traffic Violations.  Read on!

1. Frauds and Falsities

Violation Fines and Penalties (Php)
1. Use of fake plates / sticklers / pursuant documents 2,000 to 4,000 to be imposed upon the owner and / or driver of the subject MV.
2. Misrepresenting a copy of a document pertinent to a motor vehicle before the Traffic Adjudication Services 1,500 to be imposed upon the driver or owner.

2. Traffic Violations

Violation Fines and Penalties (Php)
1. Parking

a. Within an intersection

b. Within 5 meters of the intersection

c. 4 meters from the driveway entrance

d. Within 4 meters from a fire hydrant

e. In front of a private driveway

f. On the roadway side of any unmoving or parked MV at the curb edge of the highway.

g. At any place where signs of prohibitions have been installed.

2. Reckless Driving

Such as but not limited to the following:

a. Disregarding Traffic Signs

–  Failure to yield right-of-way;

– Failure to yield right-of-way to ambulance police or fire department vehicles;

– Failure to yield right-of-way at a “through highway” or a “stop intersection”

– Failure to give proper signal

– Illegal turn

– Failure to stop motor vehicle and notch handbrake of motor vehicle when unattended

– Unsafe towing.

b. Allowing passenger on top or cover of a motor vehicle except in a truck helper.

c. Failure to provide canvass cover to cargos or freight of trucks requiring the same.

d. Permitting passenger to ride on running board stepboard or mudguard of MV while in motion.

e. Driving for hire motor vehicles in slippers.

f. Driving in a place not intended for traffic or into place not allowed for parking.

g. Hitching or permitting a person or a bicycle, tricycle or skate roller to hitch a motor vehicle.

h. Driving against traffic.

i. Illegal overtaking.

j. Overtaking at unsafe distance.

k. Cutting an overtaking vehicle.

l. Failure to give way to an overtaking vehicle.

m. Increasing speed when being overtaken.

n. Overtaking when left side is not visible or clear of oncoming traffic.

o. Overtaking upon a crest of a grade.

p. Overtaking upon a curve.

q. Overtaking at any railway grade crossing.

r. Overtaking at any intersection.

s. Overtaking between “men working” or “caution” signs.

t. Overtaking at no overtaking zone.

u. Failure to yield the right-of-way.

v. Failure to stop traversing a “through a highway or railroad” crossing.

1,000 – 1st offense

1,500 – 2nd offense and suspension of DL for two months.

2,000 – 3rd offense and suspension of DL for six months

5,000 – succeeding offense and revocation of DL

3. Obstruction

Obstructing the free passage of other vehicles on the highway while discharging or taking passengers or loading and unloading freight, or driving a motor vehicle is such a manner as to obstruct or impede the passage of any vehicle.


In our final article, we will feature the violations involving taxi units and other non-traffic violations that can still be fined and penalized by LTO and MMDA.

If you have questions about the LTO, traffic rules, fines and penalties, send us a short message and we will do our best to find the answers for you.

Source: www.lto.gov.ph

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07 - 13

In the second installment of our series on LTO Fines and Penalties for erring drivers, please take note that this includes offenses committed by public utility drivers and operators.

Today, we are going to feature violations in connection with number plates, equipment, parts, accessories, devices, and markings of motor vehicles.  Lady drivers are strongly advised to go over this list too.

  1. Violations in Connection with Number Plates
1. MV number plates not firmly attached. 200
2. Obscure plates. 200
3. License plates different from body number on Public Utility Motor Vehicle. 500
4. Improper display of a motor vehicle permanent plate. 500
5. Display / Use of an expired commemorative plates or stickers. 2,000
6. Tampered / Marked plates or stickers. 2,000
7. Illegal transfer or use of MV regularly issued MV plates, tags or stickers except security plates on authorized motor vehicle. 10,000

–          Owners/operators are conclusively presumed to have committed the illegal transfer.

–          Drivers of MV involved in illegal transfer of plates or stickers shall suffer the suspension of their DL for three months.

–          If the MV with illegal transferred plates or stickers is used in the commission of a crime, its owner shall suffer the penalty of P12,000 fine and suspension of plates and registration certificate and Official Receipt for two years.


2. Violations Relative to Equipment, Parts, Accessories, Devices, and Markings of Motor Vehicles.

1. Operating MV with metallic tires in any public highways. 5,000
2. Defective brakes. 500
3. Use or installation of unnecessary lights in front and rear of a motor vehicle 300
4. Operating motor vehicle without head, tail, plate, and / or brake lights. 300
5. Without muffler 150
6. Without wiper 150
7. Dirty or unsightly or unsanitary MV 300
8. Dilapidated or defective MV 1,000

–          To hold release of plates until defect is corrected.

9. Failure to paint or improper painting of authorized route our PUJ, Filcabs, Shuttle Services, trucks for hire, taxis, and similar for hire motor vehicles operating with fixed routes. 500

–          To hold plates until defect is correct.

10. Non-painting of business or trade name. 500

–          To hold plates until defect is corrected.

11. Use of unauthorized or improvised plates. 300
12. Without or defective hand brakes. 200

–          To hold plates pending correction of defect.

13. Without or defective speedometer. 200

–          To hold plates pending correction of defect.

14. Without or defective windshield wiper. 200

–          To hold plates pending correction of defect.

15. Without rear view mirror. 200

–          To hold plates pending correction of defect

16. Without interior light. 200

–          To hold plates pending correction of defect.

17. Without name or business name and address of operator inscribed on both sides of MV for hire. 500

–          To hold plates or OR/CR until defect is corrected.

18. Unauthorized use of bell, siren, or exhaust whistle. 15,000

–          Forfeiture of said gadgets in favor of the government.

19. Without functional spare tire. 300
20. Without red flag or red lights on projecting end of load extending more than a meter beyond the bed or body, and in the evening red lights visible at least 50 meters away. 500
21. Failure to paint plate number on a motor vehicle for hire. 500

–          To be imposed upon the owner/ operator.

22. Failure to carry EWD 150
23. Failure to install EWD 4 meters from the front and rear of the stalled motor vehicle. 500

–          To be imposed upon the owner/driver.

24. Without capacity marking 375

–          To be imposed upon the owner.

25. Unauthorized installation of jalousies, painted windshield or colored windshield. 600

–          To be imposed upon the owner/driver.

26. Installation of dim/colored lights, strobe lights, dancing lights or similar lights. 600

–          To be imposed upon the owner/operator or motor vehicle.

27. Use or installation of heavily tinted colored/painted windshield or window glass. 600

–          To be imposed upon the owner/operator sun visor or light tinted are allowed.

28. Without permanent tail gate with inscription “not for hire” sign in a private jeepney. 500

–          To be imposed upon the owner.

29. Use/installation of a glaring/stainless object upon at the front and/or rear of a motor vehicle. 500

–          To be imposed upon the owner/driver.

Tomorrow we will focus on illegal operation of motor vehicles and load limits.  If you are an operator or driver of a public utility vehicle, don’t miss our feature story tomorrow.

For questions on traffic violations, fines, and penalties, drop us a line here.  We will do our best to find the answers for you.

Source: www.lto.gov.ph

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07 - 11

Anong violation ko?

That is a common defense mechanism of most drivers who go against road rules but would like to dodge fines and penalties.  Does it work?  Well, sometimes it does (with the help of a few hundred bucks).  But most of the time, traffic enforcers choose to slap you with a ticket and worse, confiscate your driver’s license.

Being apprehended for a traffic violation is not such a bad thing.  We all need to learn a lesson or two in order not to commit the same errors in the future, don’t we?  What’s not good about the whole ticket-tubos hullabaloo is when the erring driver is made to pay more than what the law prescribed for his violation.  Has this happened to you before?

Arguing with corrupt enforcers will not get you anywhere.  Unless you know better than them, you will always end up on the losing end.  So to help drivers avoid paying more than what their violation requires, we researched on the LTO-approved rates for traffic and administrative violations’ fines and penalties.

Remember, knowledge is power.

Read on.

  1. Violations in Connection with Licensing
1. Driving without license. 1,500
2. Driving with delinquent or expired license. 400
3. Driving with suspended or revoked or improper license. 1,000
4. Failure to carry Driver’s License 200
5. Failure to sign Driver’s License 200
6. Driving under the influence of liquor

First offense

Second offense

For subsequent violations after the second offense.


5,000 – and two months suspension of DL

5,000 – and three months suspension of DL

6,000 – and six months suspension of DL;

After third offense, automatic revocation of DL.

7. Driving under the influence of drugs 10,000 – and automatic revocation of license.
8. Allowing an unlicensed/improperly licensed person to drive a motor vehicle. 1,000 – and suspension of plates, registrations and Driver’s License for two months.
9. Possession and use of fake / spurious Driver’s License

– Driver has been issued an authentic license, it shall be suspended for one year in addition to the fine.

– Driver has not bee issued an authentic license, he shall be disqualified from securing a Driver’s License for a period of two years.

10. Conviction of the driver of a crime using a motor vehicle. 3,000
11. Student driver operating an MV without being accompanied by a licensed driver. 500
12. Unlicensed conductor of a motor vehicle for hire. 500
13. Operating / driving a motor vehicle which is unregistered / improperly registered or with invalid registration 2,000

–          If committed by the driver without the knowledge and consent of the owner/operator.

–          If the driver is also the owner / possessor of the subject motor vehicle.


–          In both cases the motor vehicle shall be impounded or the plates if any shall be confiscated and shall not be released until properly registered.

14. Operating a motor vehicle with unregistered substitute or replacement engine, engine block or chassis. 5,000

–          The subject MV shall be impounded until such parts are properly registered.

15. Failure to carry Certificate of Registration or Official Receipt of Registration. 150.00
16. Operating / allowing the operation of MV with a suspended / revoked Certified / Official Receipt of Registration 1,000

–          The subject MV shall be impounded and its plate held during the suspension.

–          In addition to the original suspension, the said MV and plates shall further be suspended for two years.

17. Tourist operating or allowing the use of non-Philippine registered motor vehicle beyond the 90 day period of his sojourn in the country. 5,000

–          The MV shall not be allowed to operate by the confiscation of its plates, OR and CR until properly registered.

–          In addition, if the driver is a holder of local driver’s license, the same shall be suspended for one month.

 Tomorrow we will feature violations in connection with number plates, equipment, parts, accessories, and markings on motor vehicles.  These lists will include public utility vehicles, especially those that operate under a franchise.  Please share these articles with all drivers you know, whether driving a private or public utility vehicle.

If you have questions regarding traffic violations and the corresponding penalties, send us a message and we will try our best to find the answers for you.

See you again tomorrow and drive safely!

Source: http://www.lto.gov.ph

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