How To Apply For A US Fiance Visa (K-1)

You can gain US citizenship by marrying a US citizen; and you can enter US territories through the power of a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa permits foreign-citizen fiance to travel to the US and marry his or her US citizen sponsor within 90 days upon arrival. How do I apply for a K-1 visa?Continue reading “How To Apply For A US Fiance Visa (K-1)”

U.S. Fiance Visa: Quick Application Guide

Filipinos who wish to travel to the U.S. with the purpose of marrying their U.S. citizen fianc√© must secure a K-1 visa from the U.S. Embassy.¬† This is otherwise known as a Fiance Visa. Here is a summary of the application process as well as the list of documents needed to file the petition: StepContinue reading “U.S. Fiance Visa: Quick Application Guide”