Child Custody: A Guide For Single Parents

Child custody is a delicate issue especially among unmarried couples. Almost always, it is the mother who takes custody of her children especially if they are still minors. Today’s blog endeavors to answer some frequently asked questions about child custody, especially for single parents. All the facts stated in this blog are based on theContinue reading “Child Custody: A Guide For Single Parents”

Should You Get A Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a formal contract executed by soon-to-be married couples that define their property rights after they get married. It is a document written and signed by the marrying parties and made legally binding before the couple is officially married. It may cover the following conditions, based on Article 75 of the FamilyContinue reading “Should You Get A Prenuptial Agreement?”

Are Marriages Solemnized Abroad Considered Valid in the Philippines?

Brenda, a Pinay tourist in the US, married her cousin’s friend Doug, a US citizen, while on vacation in Florida.  A few months after the wedding, the couple traveled back to the Philippines to break the news to Brenda’s parents.  Sadly though, her parents vehemently opposed their daughter’s rash decision to marry a person theyContinue reading “Are Marriages Solemnized Abroad Considered Valid in the Philippines?”

What’s In A Last Name: What Last Name to Give Your Child if You are Not Yet Married to His Father

Of all the questions and clarifications we regularly receive through this blog, changing the last name of an illegitimate child tops our list.  These questions often come from single moms who either: Gave their maiden last name to their illegitimate child and now wants the child to use the last name of the biological father;Continue reading “What’s In A Last Name: What Last Name to Give Your Child if You are Not Yet Married to His Father”