All You Need to Know About the Price Tag Law in The Philippines

Putting price tags on items you sell is not just a conscientious effort to help your customers make informed buying decisions. When you put a price tag on your product (or service), you are actually adhering to the Price Tag Law of the Philippines, because yes, there is such a thing. RA 7394 RA 7394Continue reading “All You Need to Know About the Price Tag Law in The Philippines”

What Would You Wait In Line For?

Last Thursday, I found myself in a 90-minute line to see my obstetrician.  My high school best friend was in the area and she volunteered to accompany me while I waited for my turn.  Neither of us knew much about it but we were more than willing to endure the long wait as it gaveContinue reading “What Would You Wait In Line For?”

The Senior Citizen Discount: Are Grocery Items Included in the List?

A Senior Citizen ID card holder may enjoy two free movies at cinemas in Quezon City on specific days.  When dining or buying medicines, they are granted a 20% discount off of the cost of their meals and medications.  They are also given priority seats in public transportation and are granted the best slots inContinue reading “The Senior Citizen Discount: Are Grocery Items Included in the List?”

Red Ribbon Documents: Summary of Document Authentication Processes by the DFA

A common requirement when travelling abroad are DFA-authenticated IDs and documents.  Whether you are traveling as a tourist, an overseas worker, or an exchange student, you will be required to have certain supporting documents “red-ribboned” by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Here is a summary of the processes and requirements involved when having your documentsContinue reading “Red Ribbon Documents: Summary of Document Authentication Processes by the DFA”

Exact Change Is Coming

Bawal na ang hindi pagbibigay ng tamang sukli sa mga mamimili. Ang ‘No Shortchanging Act’ ang nag-uutos sa lahat ng mga business establishments na ibigay ang tamang sukli sa mga mamimili.  Ang sino mang mapatunayang lumalabag sa utos na ito ay maaaring pagbayarin ng multa na aabot ng P25,000 o 10% ng kanilang gross sales. Continue reading “Exact Change Is Coming”

How To Register Your Business Name

If you are venturing into a business for the first time, you need to know how to register this to make your business transactions legal. Do not run the risk of getting your business closed down due to incomplete registration requirements or not registering it at all. The first thing you need to accomplish isContinue reading “How To Register Your Business Name”

Contact Center ng Bayan

Bonjour. Mabuhay. May Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB) na ginawa ang ating pamahalaan kung saan pwede tayong magsumbong ng reklamo natin sa serbisyo lalo na kung connected ito sa Anti-Red Tape Law or RA 9485 of 2007. Below are some details regarding the CCB. The Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB) is conceived to be theContinue reading “Contact Center ng Bayan”