Philippine Passports Now Valid for 10 Years!

Good news to Pinoy travelers and OFWs!  Philippine passports are now valid for 10 years from date of issuance, following the enactment of RA 10928, an act extending the passport validity and amending Section 10 of RA 8239 or the Passport Act of 1996. The government acquiesced to the public’s clamor to lengthen passport’s validityContinue reading “Philippine Passports Now Valid for 10 Years!”

Driver’s License Application Requirements Part 2

If your job requires that you drive a company vehicle or a public transportation, you need to get a Professional Driver’s License.  If you have had a Non-professional License all your life, how do you change it to Professional classification?  How do you change your name on your driver’s license after getting married?  How doContinue reading “Driver’s License Application Requirements Part 2”

Driver’s License Application Requirements

Did you know that there are more than 10 types of driver’s license applications that can be done at the Land Transportation Office (LTO)?  The most common are Student Permits and Non-professional license applications, but it appears that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Farther are other types of applications for Conductor’s License,Continue reading “Driver’s License Application Requirements”

Just Married! How to Update your Marital Status in Government IDs and Documents

After getting married, the next thing the couple needs to attend to are the updating of their IDs and other public documents, from their old civil status to that of married.  For women, they also have the option to change their maiden last name and begin using their husband’s last name in their IDs andContinue reading “Just Married! How to Update your Marital Status in Government IDs and Documents”

What is the Difference Between a Barangay Certificate and a Barangay Clearance?

A common requirement in most government and private transactions is a copy of a Barangay Clearance and or a Barangay Certificate  Most people think these two are one and the same so they end up submitting a Certificate when they are required to submit a Clearance, and vice versa. To help address this common confusionContinue reading “What is the Difference Between a Barangay Certificate and a Barangay Clearance?”

List of Acceptable IDs When Taking a Domestic Flight

To avoid delays when going through pre-flight boarding procedures for your domestic flights, make sure you have ANY of the following identifications on hand.  Note that airport and airline personnel may request for additional IDs as they deem necessary and so it is best that you have more than one government-issued ID with you whenContinue reading “List of Acceptable IDs When Taking a Domestic Flight”

The Senior Citizen Discount: “No SC ID, No Discount” Policy?

My Mom misplaced her Senior Citizen ID a few months ago.  She has yet to make that trip to the Quezon City hall to secure a new one and until then, she would shrug her shoulders every time she foregoes an opportunity to get a discount on her purchase. Last month, she lined up atContinue reading “The Senior Citizen Discount: “No SC ID, No Discount” Policy?”

Red Ribbon Documents: Summary of Document Authentication Processes by the DFA

A common requirement when travelling abroad are DFA-authenticated IDs and documents.  Whether you are traveling as a tourist, an overseas worker, or an exchange student, you will be required to have certain supporting documents “red-ribboned” by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Here is a summary of the processes and requirements involved when having your documentsContinue reading “Red Ribbon Documents: Summary of Document Authentication Processes by the DFA”