Workers’ Rest Law: All You Need To Know

Does your boss call or message you for work-related information and activities even after you have logged out for the day and are on your way home? Does he or she make you work on quick emails and submissions even during weekends and holidays? There is a bill that will soon prohibit employers, managers, andContinue reading “Workers’ Rest Law: All You Need To Know”

All You Need To Know About Your 13th Month Pay

Are you one of the many government and private sector employees who’s looking forward to the release of the 13th month pay? I know I am, haha! It’s been a long and difficult 2021 for most of us and we can all use a windfall especially now that we are slowly easing our way backContinue reading “All You Need To Know About Your 13th Month Pay”

How To File Labor-related Inquiries Online

Are you experiencing unfair treatment at work but not sure how you can seek assistance from DOLE because of the pandemic? Or maybe you are an employer and need some advice on how to handle complex labor issues with your workforce. Worry no more. Workers and employers in Metro Manila can now file their labor-relatedContinue reading “How To File Labor-related Inquiries Online”

Are You Qualified To Receive A Separation Pay From Your Company?

Not everyone who resigns or is removed from his or her employment is qualified to receive a separation pay from their employer. In today’s blog, I will feature the reasons why an employee may be granted or denied the separation pay, depending on the reasons for his removal from work. Read on. The Separation PayContinue reading “Are You Qualified To Receive A Separation Pay From Your Company?”

How To Apply For The OFW e-Card

Is there an OFW in the family? Have you been working overseas for quite a few years now?  The Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA) has some good news for our Bagong Bayani with the introduction of the OFW e-Card!  Here’s how you can get one. What is the OFW e-Card? This is a new identificationContinue reading “How To Apply For The OFW e-Card”

What You Need to Know About Your 13th Month Pay

Are you excited to receive this year’s 13th-month pay?  I know a lot of employees are eagerly awaiting the release of this yearly windfall.  It is always good to have extra funds for the holidays. Today we will be sharing with you the top 10 things you need to know about your 13th-month pay.  If this isContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Your 13th Month Pay”

What We Need to Know About Separation Pay in the Philippines

An employee is entitled to a separation pay after he resigns from his job.  But why do some get more than others, even when both had the same number of years in service and are receiving almost the same monthly salaries? Here is a summary of how a resigning employee’s separation pay is determined byContinue reading “What We Need to Know About Separation Pay in the Philippines”

Mandatory Employee Benefits in the Philippines

The Department of Labor and Employment is responsible in implementing policies, programs, and services to protect the Filipino rights and privileges as an employee, worker, or laborer.  It is tasked with the enforcement of the provisions of the Labor Code. If you are a first-time employee, or one who has yet to be acquainted withContinue reading “Mandatory Employee Benefits in the Philippines”