Will A Foreign Divorce Be Recognized In The Philippines?

A Filipino citizen (husband) and a foreign citizen (wife) marry in the Philippines; sometime later, the foreign spouse files and is granted a divorce in her country. Will the Filipino spouse be able to marry again in the Philippines by virtue of the foreign divorce papers sent to him by his ex-wife? When I didContinue reading “Will A Foreign Divorce Be Recognized In The Philippines?”

Can You Annul Your Marriage If You Find Out That Your Spouse Is Gay?

In the Philippines, the grounds for annulment are limited to the following (based on the Family Code): Lack of parental consent at the time of marriage (if the one or both parties was below 21 years old at the time of marriage) Psychological incapacity Fraud Force, intimidation, or undue influence Impotence Sexually transmissible diseases. BelieveContinue reading “Can You Annul Your Marriage If You Find Out That Your Spouse Is Gay?”

Absolute Divorce in the Philippines: Do You Agree?

Would you agree to legalize divorce in the Philippines? Why or why not? The Philippines and the Vatican City remain to be the only two nations in the world that do not allow divorce. In our country, a couple may only file for an annulment of their marriage if they wish to dissolve their union.Continue reading “Absolute Divorce in the Philippines: Do You Agree?”

The 20 Grounds for Divorce in the Philippines

There are four additional grounds that the divorce bill will include in the list of reasons why a person may seek to dissolve his or her marriage.  Bear in mind that the grounds listed for legal separation and annulment remain in effect and are carried into the divorce bill.  Below are the grounds under ArticleContinue reading “The 20 Grounds for Divorce in the Philippines”

5 Things You Need to Know About the Divorce Bill

On February 21, 2018, the House Committee on Population and Family Relations gave its thumbs up to the bill that will introduce divorce as a means to dissolve marriages in the Philippines.  As of the moment, the only way you can get out of a dysfunctional marriage is through annulment, which costs a fortune andContinue reading “5 Things You Need to Know About the Divorce Bill”

Are You In Favor of Implementing Divorce In The Philippines?

In the Philippines, if you would like to regain your capacity to marry, you need to file a case for annulment and pray that you win the battle against your spouse.  It is a long and tedious process of mainly destroying the character of the person you married to prove that the marriage was either:Continue reading “Are You In Favor of Implementing Divorce In The Philippines?”

Requirements for Declaration of Presumption of Death

A common question we receive from readers is how to remarry without going through the process of annulment or divorce.  Of course the obvious answer to this question is there is no other way for a married person to get married again unless his or her spouse dies and makes him a widow/widower.  This answerContinue reading “Requirements for Declaration of Presumption of Death”

Your PSA Birth Certificate As Proof Of Your Citizenship

After we graduated from college in 1998, my best friend, James, got married to his pregnant girlfriend who is a naturalized US citizen.  They got married in California and then flew back to the Philippines to settle here for good.  However, when their baby was born, his wife asked that they move back to theContinue reading “Your PSA Birth Certificate As Proof Of Your Citizenship”