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9 Sept 17

We covered this topic last year but thought it would be good to write about it again since we receive a lot of questions about changing one’s name in his or her passport.

Married Filipinas are not mandated by law to use their husband’s last name – whether in their IDs, transactions and yes, even in their passports.  Women have the option to retain their maiden last name even after they are married.

If you are married and wish to use your husband’s last name in your passport, you need to present a copy of your PSA marriage certificate to the DFA when you renew your existing passport.

On the other hand, if you have been using your husband’s last name in your passport and have decided to switch back to your maiden name, you can only do so under two circumstances:

  1. If your marriage has been annulled or
  2. If you have been widowed.

In both cases, you need to present supporting documents to the DFA before you are issued a passport with your maiden last name in it.  If your marriage was annulled, you must present an annotated copy of your PSA marriage certificate, one that bears the court order or finality of the annulment.  If you are a widow, you need to present the PSA death certificate of your spouse.

So ladies, remember that once you decide to use your married name in your passport, you cannot simply go back to using your maiden last name anytime. So think about it before you change your last name in your IDs.





7 July 25

The news regarding the bill about PSA birth certificates not expiring and considered valid all the time was sent to my Viber by a friend last Sunday.  I got to read the entire news just this morning and I could not help but write down my (personal) opinion on the matter and why I think this will not work.

So I reviewed my previous blogs that talked about the PSA birth certificate as a basic and primary requirement.  True enough, almost all government transactions like applying for a passport, getting an SSS number and ID, and securing a Senior Citizen ID, the birth certificate must be submitted as the sole basis of the applicant’s identity.  I am sure these government offices are aware that a person’s birth certificate does not expire, so why would they insist on having the applicants submit a new copy – one that was issued within the past six months from the date of application or submission.

Here are five reasons I wrote down and hope this helps everyone understand why it is important to get new copies of your PSA certificates.

  1. PSA changes the security paper (SECPA) where our PSA certificates are printed.

They do this to discourage the spread of fake, Rectofied (get it? Huh?) PSA certificates that some people use in their transactions.  Of course, it is always easier to just have a fake document printed out in Recto (or wherever else you can get a fake document) but do you realize the consequences this sick practice can eventually cause you and your transactions?

The SECPA that PSA uses is unique and secured and has special features that make the document authentic.  Fakers in Recto cannot copy this kind of paper.  So if you want to be sure that the birth certificate you have is truly authentic, get new copies from the PSA every now and then.

  1. Any correction or amendment applied to the details in your birth certificate is considered an update.

So technically, your birth certificate can be updated.  For example, you had your name’s spelling corrected, or your child was legitimated and now carries the last name of his or her biological father – these are changes in your information that are not reflected in old copies of your birth certificate.  Therefore, you need to get a new copy of your birth certificate and use this instead of your old one.

  1. Some establishments and government agencies ask for the original PSA copy of your birth certificate (or marriage certificate, CENOMAR, or death certificate).

Most establishments do not accept photocopied certificates and so you would have to give them the original prints. When you are out of copies, you need to get a new set so you always have a copy of your and your family’s PSA birth certificates.

  1. Government agencies are advised by the PSA every time the SECPA is updated. They reserve the right to require the public to submit their PSA certificates in the updated paper.

Of course, these government agencies and private establishments (like banks, schools, hospitals, etc.) will prefer PSA certificates that are printed in the latest SECPA as announced by the PSA.  This does not mean that the certificates printed in an old version of a SECPA are already outdated or expired; it just means that they want to make sure that all PSA documents submitted to them are in its latest prints.

  1. Old and dilapidated copies are considered invalid.

This is just my opinion – why would I settle for a PSA document that is old, its prints hardly readable, or the paper itself is falling apart when I can easily get a new one?  Of course, I will require the new, crisp copy of the PSA document!  One that I can easily read and file without it crumbling to pieces.

Getting a new copy of your PSA certificate should not be seen as dagdag gastos and pahirap sa mamamayan.  I personally do not think that it is unnecessary, expensive, and oppressive.

It is necessary to ensure that all documents we submit to the government and private establishments are authentic and updated.

Expensive?  How do we even quantify that?  A copy of your birth and marriage certificate costs Php 155.00 and a CENOMAR, Php 205 when acquired directly at a PSA office.  These rates could increase a bit if you order it online and have it delivered to you, but then you wouldn’t have to spend on gas or fare and you won’t have to take a leave from work, so it still is affordable and in all aspects, reasonable.  Why are we even making an issue out of this?

Oppressive?  How is ensuring your documents’ authenticity oppressive?  Do we prefer that government agencies and private establishments like banks and our children’s schools settle for old, worn-out copies of our PSA documents?

I would gladly hear your thoughts on this topic.  Please feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MasterCitizen/

Until then, I would strongly encourage you to keep at least one or two copies of your PSA birth certificate and do not hesitate to secure more copies whenever you can.


6 June 3

Ordering your PSA certificates (birth, marriage, death, and CENOMAR) has never been easier and more convenient.  All it takes now is a Facebook chat or a visit to the PSAHelpline website and you would be able to place your orders and even pay online or at the nearest accredited payment centers and banks.

For those who feel more comfortable ordering through the phone and speaking with a representative, the PSAHelpline hotline is still available.  Our family has been ordering our PSA documents through this hotline for several years now.  We enjoy the convenience of simply calling the hotline and having someone else process the documents for us.  All we had to do is call and provide the details of the certificate owner, and then wait for the reference number to be read out by the agent.  Once we’ve paid the orders, we just need to wait for the documents to be delivered.

The longest we had to wait for our ordered certificates is 4 business days.  Our documents are sealed and intact every time and their couriers are really courteous.  Once, I had to order on behalf of my dad and the courier did not fail to ask for me and my dad’s IDs and my dad’s Letter of Authorization.  Even with the verification, I still thought that the transaction was quick and hassle-free.  A lot better than going out in the heat of the summer sun or getting stuck in traffic because of heavy rains.

If you need a copy of your PSA birth certificate (or marriage, death, or CENOMAR), I would strongly suggest that you just have it delivered by calling or chatting the PSAHelpline.  Their hotline is (02) 737-1111 and they are available to take your call, 24/7.  If you have already placed an order and would like to follow up on the status, you can also call the hotline and give them your reference number so they can track the parcel for you.  Checking the status of your order is also available online, just make sure you have the correct reference number.

A PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate will be delivered to you for P365, while a CENOMAR is for P465.  These rates already include the processing and delivery fee!  Sulit ‘di ba?

If you want to know more about PSAHelpline, you can visit their website at www.psahelpline.ph or drop me a line and I will do my best to answer your questions.


5 May 30

I had to see it to believe it.  Ordering my birth certificate through Facebook chat?  I didn’t think it was possible until I tried it myself.  And it works!

The service is provided by PSAHelpline.ph; they are the same guys behind the (02) 737-1111 hotline that you can call to order PSA birth certificates, marriage, death certificate, and CENOMAR – very similar to when you call for pizza delivery.  PSAHelpline also has an online ordering system that’s right in their website, www.psahelpline.ph.  I’ve tried that so many times; I’m a loyal client because I keep running out of copies of my birth certificate.

They made it so much more convenient for Pinoys this year when they launched the Facebook Messenger ordering system.  This time, I can place my order while on the go, as if I’m just chatting with a friend.  It is so convenient!

I tried the service last night and I would like to share it with you today.

Don’t forget to like and follow their Facebook page, @PSAHelpline.ph

  1. Go to their Facebook page at @PSAHelpline.ph and click the Send Message button.
  2. The chat box will be launched and you will be asked to choose the type of certificate you want to order. Just click on the name of the certificate of your choice. You can only order for one person per session, but you can order up to 20 copies.
  3. You will then be asked to indicate the purpose of your request or for what purpose will you be using the birth certificate. There are several choices but I always choose Others. There will be follow up questions (chats) that you need to answer depending on the purpose you choose.
  4. Then you will be asked to supply the name on the birth certificate (or any other PSA certificate) that you are ordering. If you are ordering for yourself, just type your name. If you are a married woman, type in your maiden name.

However, if you are ordering for another person, click on the Applying for others button.  If you do this, you will be asked for your relationship with the owner of the certificate you wish to order.

  1. For all the details that you will be asked to provide, you will be given a chance to change in case you keyed in an incorrect letter or number. So make sure you read the messages carefully and avoid clicking buttons that are not supposed to be clicked.
  2. Continue supplying the information that the system. Towards the end of the chat, you will be asked to provide the address where you wish to have the certificate delivered. A pop-up window will appear on your screen and this is where you will key-in the address.
  3. After you have submitted the address, you will be asked how many copies of the certificate you wish to order. When ordering through Facebook Messenger, you can request up to 10 copies (when ordering through the website, you can request up to 20 copies).
  4. After this, you will be shown the required proofs of identification and authorization that you need to execute upon delivery of the documents, such as:
  • A valid ID
  • Letter of Authorization and valid ID from any of the following:
    • Owner of the birth certificate
    • His parents
    • His spouse
    • His children
    • His grandparents
    • His grandchild

You will also be asked if you would like to nominate an authorized representative in case you are not available to personally receive the delivery.

  1. You will then be asked how you wish to pay for the order:
  • Credit Card
  • GCash
  • Others

And then you will be provided your reference number for the order; take note of this as you need to write this on your payment slip at the payment center or bank where you choose to pay for the order.

You may also check the email address you provided, the reference number will also be sent there.

And you’re done!  Easy, right?

You may follow up your order through Facebook Messenger too, just choose Order Status after you launch the chat box.  Or you may call the hotline at (02) 737-1111 or visit their website at www.psahelpline.ph and click on Order Status in the home page.

A birth certificate, marriage certificate, and death certificate cost P365, while a CENOMAR costs P465, per copy.  The rates already include the processing and delivery fee.

Try it now!



5 May 29

If you need a copy of your PSA birth certificate (or any PSA document such as a marriage certificate, death certificate, or CENOMAR), you can now order it online and have it delivered to your home or office address.  This is more convenient especially for employed individuals who only have the weekends off, or those who live in areas that are far from a PSA office.

It is simple and easy to order online.  You only need to log on to the PSAHelpline website and choose the document you wish to order.

Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Log on to the PSAHelpline website at www.psahelpline.ph and click on the ORDER NOW button.

1 Homepage

2. Choose the type of certificate you wish to order.  You can only choose one type of document per person, but you can order up to 20 copies of the same document.


3. Indicate the purpose of your request.  If your purpose is not included in the list, you can choose “Others”.

3 Purpose

4. You will be taken to the application form page.  Here, you will be asked to type in your and your parents’ information.  Always double-check the entries before submitting your form to avoid errors and delays in your request.

4 fill-out-form

5. If you had any corrections or amendments done to your certificate (correction of misspelled name, legitimation due to subsequent marriage, annulment, etc.), please indicate it on this page. 

5 legal-proceedings

6. You will be asked for the information about the requesting party or the person who is making the order.  Make sure to indicate the correct name spelling and choose the correct relationship of the requesting party to the owner of the certificate (if the requesting party is not the certificate owner).

6 Requesting Party

7. The checkout page will allow you to review the details you submitted.  When you are sure that all entries are correct, type in the delivery information on the delivery address fields.  Make sure to tick the small certification box to confirm that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and then click on the continue button.

7 Check out 2

8. You will be taken to the Order Confirmation page so you can double check all the entries you made.  This is also where you will be issued your REFERENCE NUMBER.  You will also be asked to print out a Letter of Authorization (LOA) if someone, other than the owner of the document, will receive the certificates.

The list of payment channel options is also available on this page.  You can choose your preferred payment option and just click on the green arrow to show you the details you need to know when paying through that particular channel.

8 Order Confirmation 1

8 Order Confirmation 2

8 Order Confirmation 3

9. After you have chosen your payment option, you may now proceed to the payment center or bank to make your payment.  Remember to bring your reference number with you when paying.

If you wish to check the status of your order, you may simply log on to the PSAHelpline.ph website and choose the CHECK STATUS button found on the home page.

Check Status Page

Easy, right? Did you know that you can also order your PSA birth certificate (and other PSA documents) through Facebook?  It is possible!  Visit us again tomorrow for the step-by-step process of ordering your birth certificate via Facebook Messenger.

You can also order your birth certificate by calling the PSAHelpline hotline at (02) 737-1111.  Whether you order over the phone or online, the documents’ prices are the same:

a. Birth Certificate – P365

b. Marriage Certificate – P365

c. Death Certificate – P365

d. CENOMAR – P465

The rate already includes the processing and delivery fees.  I guarantee you will save a lot on time and money if you order online.

Visit their website now at http://www.psahelpline.ph







2 Feb 27

Last year, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) tweaked the passport appointment process a bit so that applicants are required to confirm their appointments by paying for their passports before their appointment dates.  In the past, applicants have the liberty to book an appointment’s date and time, appear before a DFA consul, and then pay for their passport only after they have completed all required processes.  This has been observed to be one of the reasons why some applicants do not keep their commitment to appear before the DFA.  Because they can simply book another slot, they just ignore their set appointments, never mind that others are not able to book their own because all slots are already filled.

To discourage no-shows and help the agency better manage the appointment slots, the DFA placed the payment of the passport at the onset of the application process.  This time, after you have successfully reserved your slot, you have 24 hours to pay your passport fee in order for the DFA’s system to confirm your appointment.  Non-payment within the prescribed timeline will mean that you have decided against your appointment and your slot will be released for others to claim.

But what happens if you fail to appear before the DFA even after you have already made a payment?  Can you refund the passport fee?  Can you have your appointment moved to another date?

According to the DFA, they follow a No Show, No Refund policy on booked appointment slots.  They may, however, entertain appeals to accommodate applicants who have valid reasons for missing their appointment, but these are on a case-to-case basis.

Also, make sure to bring all required documents and IDs on your appointment date.  Incorrect and incomplete requirements can also keep you from completing the application process and your appointment will be as good as canceled.  No refund for such cases as well.

Here are some important reminders when applying for or renewing your passport at the DFA:

  1. Have your passport renewed at least six months before the expiry date.
  2. Make sure that all information on your application form, birth, and or marriage certificates, and IDs are true, correct, and accurately spelled and dated. If there are discrepancies, have these corrected first.
  3. Have a valid and active Yahoo or Google Mail account ready when making an appointment online.
  4. Remove accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and colored contact lenses when appearing before the DFA consul, up until your photos have been taken.
  5. Make sure that the information on the data page of your new passport is all correct before affixing your signature. The consul will let you check this before finalizing your data page.

For more information on passport applications and renewal, visit the DFA website at www.dfa.gov.ph



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1 jan 17

Pag-IBIG offers the provision of home financing programs for both new and repossessed (or acquired) housing properties that were developed by Pag-IBIG.  Active members have the option to purchase an acquired Pag-IBIG property at negotiated rates.

Acquired assets are foreclosed properties (house and lot) that are auctioned off by Pag-IBIG to the public at cheaper rates.  These are not “brand new” houses; these are properties that are repossessed due to non-payment of the original owners.  Once auctioned by Pag-IBIG, it becomes a possible alternative for other active members that are unable to take on the costs of a brand new housing unit.

If you are thinking of applying for a Pag-IBIG housing loan, it may be good to weigh your options and see if an acquired asset is something you can consider.

Here are the steps and requirements needed when applying for a Pag-IBIG loan for acquired properties under negotiated sale:

  1. Reserve the property and pay the Php 1,000 reservation fee (non-refundable/non-transferrable). Bring one valid ID and choose among the following modes of payment:
  • Cash – 30% discount; payment term of 1 month.
  • Installment – 20% discount; up tp 12 months only, with 12% interest rate per annum.
  • Housing Loan – 10% discount, for qualified members of Pag-IBIG Fund; up to 30 years, provided that borrower’s age shall not exceed 70 years old at date of loan maturity.
  1. For purchase through housing loan, submit the complete documentary requirements within 30 calendar days from payment of reservation fee and pay the processing fee of Php 2,000 and Documentary Stamp Tax of Php 100.00.
  2. Receive the Notice of Approval of Loan and pay the one (1) year advance insurance premiums within 30 days.
  3. Execute and submit the notarized Deed of Conditional Sale and other mortgage documents evidencing the loan in favor of the Fund.

Below are the BASIC REQUIREMENTS for:

SELF-EMPLOYED applicants:

  • Accomplished Buyer’s Information Sheet (2 copies) with recent 1×1 ID photo (2 copies).
  • One (1) valid ID (photocopy, back to back) of Principal Buyer and Spouse, Co-Buyer and Spouse, if applicable.
  • Proof of Income for (any of the following):
    1. Owned Business
      • Income Tax Return (ITR)
      • Audited Financial Statements
      • Official Receipt of Tax Payment from bank supported with DTI Registration and Mayor’s Permit/Business Permit.
    2. Commission Base
      • Commission Vouchers reflecting the issuer’s name and contract details (for the last 12 months).
    3. Drivers
      • Certified True Copy of Transport Franchise issued by an appropriated government agency (LGU for tricycles, LTFRB for other PUVs).
    4. Foreign Remittances and Pensions
      • Bank Statements or passbook for the last 12 months (in case income is sourced from foreign remittances, pensions, etc.
    5. Rental Payments
      • Copy of Lease Contract and Tax Declaration (if income is derived from rental payments).
    6. Sari-sari Store/Mini Groceries, Sub-contractor, On-call Maintenance, Technician
      • Brgy. Certificate/Clearance
      • Properly Accomplished Certificate of Engagement, duly notarized.

Additional Requirements:

  • Copy of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with signature.
  • Photocopy of Php 1,000 reservation fee receipts.
  • Photocopy of 1 valid ID of the signatory in the Certificate of Engagement
  • Insurance Coverage (if applicable only)
    • Health Statement form (Medical Questionnaire)
      • For borrowers over 60 years old
      • For borrowers up to 60 years old, if loans are over P2.0M to P6.0M
    • Health Statement Form (Medical Questionnaire) and a copy of the result of a medical examination conducted prior to assignment overseas as required by the employment agency.
    • For OFW borrowers over 60 years old.

Locally Employed

Basic Requirements:

  • Accomplished Buyer’s Information Sheet (2 copies) with recent 1×1 ID photo (2 copies)
  • One (1) valid ID (photocopy, back to back) of Principal Buyer and Spouse, Co-buyer and Spouse, if applicable.
  • Proof of Income (any of the following):
    • Notarized Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CEC) indicating the gross monthly income and monthly allowances or monthly benefits received by the employee.
    • Certified One (1) month payslip, within the last three (3) months prior to date of loan application.
    • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) for the year immediately preceding the date of loan application, with attached BIR Form No. 2316, stamped received by the BIR.

Note: Government employees must present one-month payslip issued within the last three months prior to the date of loan application and submitted together with CEC or ITR.

Additional Requirements:

  • Copy of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with signature.
  • Photocopy of Php 1,000 reservation fee receipt.

Insurance Coverage (if applicable only)

  • Health Statement Form (Medical Questionnaire)
    • For borrowers over 60 years old
    • For borrowers up to 60 years old, if loans are over P2.0M to P6.0M
  • Health Statement Form (Medical Questionnaire) and a copy of the result of the medical examination conducted prior to assignment overseas as required by the employment agency.
    • For OFW borrowers over 60 years old.

If you have more questions about Pag-IBIG’s acquired assets, you may call their hotline at 02-724-4244.  They are available 24×7.

Source: www.pagibigfund.gov.ph

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1 jan 15

So the DFA needs our help in rebuilding their database and we can do so by presenting a copy of our PSA birth certificate when renewing our passports.  Do you have a copy of your birth certificate yet?

I used to keep several copies of my birth certificate in my desk; these were printed on the old yellowish sheet with NSO’s logo on the upper left hand (or was it right?) corner of the document.  When my passport was due for renewal last June 2016, I was advised by my friend to secure a new copy of my birth certificate before going to the DFA for my application.

“Bakit, may expiration ba ang birth certificate? Di ba wala naman?”

Of course, my birth certificate does not have an expiration date!  What my friend was trying to tell me (pala!) was that the PSA (formerly NSO), regularly updates (or maybe, reprints) the copies of our documents on security papers to discourage the circulation of unauthorized and fake copies made elsewhere.  Embassies and other government agencies are duly advised whenever the PSA is set to release certificates printed on new security papers so that these offices would know when the documents being presented to them are updated copies or old files (like my copies of my birth certificate).

So if you think you still have several copies of your birth certificate left in your stash, check them now to make sure these are updated ones.  Foremost, it must bear the new seal of the PSA, and not the former NSO.  If your document is worn out, has some minute tears, or the entries are hardly readable, please get yourself new copies.

I got my latest copies from PSAHelpline.ph.  It’s an online, one-stop birth certificate ordering site for all types of PSA documents you will ever need: birth, marriage, CENOMAR, and death certificates.  They deliver nationwide too so you won’t have to go to a PSA office anymore.

Birth, marriage, and death certificates cost Php 365.00 per copy while the CENOMAR costs Php 465.00 per copy.  Visit their user-friendly website now so you can place your orders ahead of the others!

Word of the wise: As soon as you have confirmed an appointment with the DFA for your passport application or renewal, get new copies of your PSA birth certificate and marriage certificate (for married female applicants who wish to change their last name in their passport).  Don’t wait until the last minute to do this because it’s a primary documentary requirement, especially if your old passport is not an e-passport.

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1 jan 10

Denied US visa… again?  We know it could be truly disappointing to be told you are not permitted to leave for a US state and without telling you why.  But take heart, there are a lot of other countries you can tour that are visa-free or have visa-on-arrival policies.

We have the latest list of Asian countries that you can visit without the need for a visa but have a number of days when a tourist can stay.  During my recent trip to Hong Kong last December, I was given a total of 13 days by the Hong Kong Immigration; I stayed for four.

But before we feature the list, let us first share with you the different types of visas that Pinoys need to secure when traveling abroad.  Actually, it should only be counted as three, as the first entry is ‘visa-free’; but based on my experience in Hong Kong last month, I would like to count the visa-free as well since I was only given a particular number of days to stay in the country.

So here it is:

  1. Visa-free

These are countries that do not require a visa but you may only be given a certain number of days to tour the place.  Your ticket must have a return date on it, and you must have a valid booking at a hotel and enough cash to sustain your visit.  Of the three, it is your ticket that the Immigration might scrutinize the most so have it handy all the time.

  1. Visa-on-arrival

There are no pre-application (of visa) required to land at these country’s airports.  You will be granted your visa upon appearing before an immigration officer and after you have duly settled any associated visa fees.

  1. Visa-required

These countries require that you apply for and are granted a visa in the country’s embassy, consulate, or approved travel partner.  The requirements for visa application may vary and may include your financial records and history, medical records, employment documents, and proofs of your previous travels abroad.

  1. e-Visa

Visa applications are done online and should your application be approved, your e-visa shall be linked or electronically associated with your passport number.

In Philippine Star’s latest feature news, the following Asian countries are visa-free for Filipinos, with the corresponding number of days’ stay for tourists:

  1. Brunei – 20-day stay
  2. Cambodia – 21-day stay
  3. Hong Kong – 14-day stay
  4. Indonesia – 30-day stay
  5. Laos – 30-day stay
  6. Macao – 30-day stay
  7. Malaysia – 30-day stay
  8. Mongolia – 21-day stay
  9. Myanmar – 14-day stay
  10. Singapore – 30-day stay
  11. Taiwan – 14-day stay Taiwan will be visa-free until July 31, 2019)
  12. Thailand – 30-day stay
  13. Vietnam – 21-day stay

These countries follow a visa-on-arrival policy and or e-Visa for Pinoy tourists

  1. Kyrgyzstan – 30-day stay
  2. Maldives – 30-day stay
  3. Sri Lanka – 30-day stay
  4. Timor-Leste – 30-day stay

So where do you plan to travel this year?  Share your stories with us!

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SSS and PhilHealth Contribution Tables for 2019

1 jan 08

Happy New Year, fellow SSS and PhilHealth members!

We are sharing with you this year’s contribution tables to serve as your guide, especially if you are a kasambahay employer and a voluntary member.

SSS Contribution Table 2019 for Employed Members, OFWs, and voluntary members:


PhilHealth Contribution Table 2019 for Employed Members


Last year, PhilHealth increased its monthly premium contributions for employed members.  Effective January 2018, an employed member’s contribution is 2.75% computed straight based on the monthly basic salary, with a salary floor of Php 10,000 and a ceiling of Php 40,000, equally shared by the employer and the employee.

Kasambahay contributions shall still be shouldered by the employer if the kasambahay is receiving a monthly salary of no more than Php 5,000.  Otherwise, the kasambahay shall pay his or her share.

PhilHealth Contribution Table 2019 for OFWs

The Php 2,400/year contribution rate still applies to OFWs under the OWP (Overseas Workers’ Program) applicable to land-based OFWs.

They have the option to pay the annual amount in full or make two payments of Php 1,200 every six months.

PhilHealth Contribution Table for Self-employed, Individually Paying Members

If the member’s monthly income is Php 25,000 and below, the contribution rate is Php 2,400 per year.

If his monthly income is above Php 25,000, his contribution rate is Php 3,600 per year.

They may choose to pay on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

PhilHealth Contribution Table for Sponsored Program Members

A sponsored member’s annual premium is Php 2,400.

He is also entitled to identified in-patient hospital care (including the Z Benefit Package), out-patient care services, and other health care services provided by accredited health care centers and providers.




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