Common PSA Birth Certificate Problems (and their solutions!)

“Noong ‘80s, nakakuha ako ng kopya ng PSA (formerly NSO) birth certificate ko.  Ngayon, nag request ulit ako, sabi sa akin ‘No Name’ na daw ako!  Bakit nawala yung record ko eh meron na nga dati?” This is a common confusion among us Pinoys when we are told that we “have a problem with ourContinue reading “Common PSA Birth Certificate Problems (and their solutions!)”

Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Year of Birth

A PSA Birth Certificate (formerly NSO Birth Certificate) bearing an incorrect birth date and month of the owner can be corrected under R.A. 9048 (also known as the Clerical Error Law).  But what if it is the birth year that needs correction?  Is this still covered by R.A. 9048?  Let us find out. Gelay wasContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Year of Birth”