10 Things You Can Do For Good Luck on Chinese New Year

On February 16, 2018, Friday, we will be celebrating the start of the Year of the Earth Dog!  If you’re a follower of our blog, you must have already checked your animal sign’s luck predictions for 2018.  Yes, some of us are going to have a great year if we play our cards right, whileContinue reading “10 Things You Can Do For Good Luck on Chinese New Year”

What is Your Lucky Color for 2018?

Will the year of the Earth Dog be friendly to your animal sign?  How do you keep the steady flow of good luck coming while keeping negative vibes at bay? We researched on this year’s lucky colors for the different animal signs.  We won’t know for sure if these will work but it won’t hurtContinue reading “What is Your Lucky Color for 2018?”

The Crystals You Need for 2017 Part 2

If you missed our first article on this year’s auspicious crystals and stones, you can read it here.  We are adding more to the list as the eve of the Chinese New Year draws near.   Also, don’t forget to check out how your animal sign fares in the year of the Fire Rooster inContinue reading “The Crystals You Need for 2017 Part 2”