The PhilHealth Case Rate Search Mobile App Is Now Available!

PhilHealth members no longer need to guess how much of their hospital bills will be shouldered by PhilHealth.  With the Case Rate Search app, you can begin exploring the different medical cases and corresponding rates that are covered by PhilHealth and take the guesswork out of the entire billing process. Before the app was madeContinue reading “The PhilHealth Case Rate Search Mobile App Is Now Available!”

Dengue Confinements are Covered by PhilHealth

It is that time of the year when dengue mosquitoes seem to be more active in hunting their prey.  Young and old alike can fall victim to these pesky insects that carry the deadly dengue virus.  It is no secret why emergency rooms are never without a patient exhibiting the early signs of dengue fever.Continue reading “Dengue Confinements are Covered by PhilHealth”

Guide to the OFW’s Philhealth Membership Part 2

What are the benefits that OFWs can enjoy as bona fide PhilHealth members?  Are their dependents entitled to the same benefits as well? Below are the latest case rates applicable to OFW members.  The amount stated in this summary is PhilHealth’s participation in the member’s hospital and medical expenses.  Any amount over the stated coverageContinue reading “Guide to the OFW’s Philhealth Membership Part 2”

PhilHealth Benefits and More Part 2: Outpatient Benefits

Outpatient benefits are applied on hospital visits that are less than 24 hours and without the need for confinement.  Today’s article will focus on such benefits afforded by Philhealth to its contributing members and their dependents. This is the second part of our feature blog series on Philhealth benefits. Outpatient Benefits 1. Day Surgeries (AmbulatoryContinue reading “PhilHealth Benefits and More Part 2: Outpatient Benefits”

Philhealth Benefits and More Part 1: Inpatient Benefits

The rainy season has officially begun in our country!  And along with the unpredictable changes in weather (warm and sunny in the morning, cold and wet in the afternoon) come different types of bacteria and viruses that cause infections and ailments among kids and adults.  Visiting your doctor’s clinic, or worse, the Emergency Room, couldContinue reading “Philhealth Benefits and More Part 1: Inpatient Benefits”