4 Things You Need to Remember When Claiming Your PhilHealth Benefits

In a previous article, we featured the guidelines on how you can be sure that you are eligible to claim your PhilHealth benefits after you have been confined and treated in a hospital.  There are cases, however, when even a qualified PhilHealth member is not able to fully enjoy his privileges in spite of showingContinue reading “4 Things You Need to Remember When Claiming Your PhilHealth Benefits”

Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Year of Birth

A PSA Birth Certificate (formerly NSO Birth Certificate) bearing an incorrect birth date and month of the owner can be corrected under R.A. 9048 (also known as the Clerical Error Law).  But what if it is the birth year that needs correction?  Is this still covered by R.A. 9048?  Let us find out. Gelay wasContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Year of Birth”

Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Gender in NSO Birth Certificate

How do you correct a person’s gender in his NSO Birth Certificate (now PSA Birth Certificate)?  If he is male but his birth certificate shows him as “female”, can he have his birth certificate updated to show his correct gender? If your birth certificate shows an incorrect gender, it is considered a clerical error andContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Gender in NSO Birth Certificate”

NSO : Out of Town Registration of Birth

Bonjour. Mabuhay. It’s the start of the new week after a long break and I was browsing on old information when I found this. I think it is worthwhile to get us informed again on this matter, para sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam. Do you know what an out-of-town reporting of birth is? I’m sureContinue reading “NSO : Out of Town Registration of Birth”

Fake Birth Certificates

Bonjour. Mabuhay. I’m sure you heard the news about the fake birth certificates proliferating in Sabah for our Filipino countrymen in the area. This just goes to show that you should always make sure you file it right and make sure you get authentic records for one of the most important documents that will pertainContinue reading “Fake Birth Certificates”

NSO Certificate Problems

Bonjour. Mabuhay.   Since we are encountering a ton of inquiries regarding the common NSO certificate problems. Here are some FAQs that you will surely find useful.     What is a vital event record? A vital event record is a legal document entered in the civil register which attests to the occurrence and characteristicsContinue reading “NSO Certificate Problems”