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03 - 20

Madz works as a call center agent in a multi-national company in Makati.  She delivers her job well, has an impeccable attendance record, and is an effective team player.

Madz is also a Person with Disability (PWD); she lost her ability to walk after being stricken with polio at 3 years old.  She grew up maneuvering a wheelchair whenever she needs to go from one room to another.  Yet she did not let this disability become a detriment to her dreams of becoming a successful corporate executive like her father.  She will stop at nothing to get to her dreams.

Her medical expenses could sometimes cause huge dents in the family’s budget.  So even while studying, Madz would take odd jobs at school like helping out in the library or sitting in as an assistant to the Registrar during enrollment season.  She would grab any opportunity to earn extra money to help her get through college.  She wanted to liberate her parents from her medical expenses as soon as she can.  Now that she is employed, she pays for all her medicines and doctor’s appointments out of the money she earns as a call center agent.  It helps that some of her medical needs are covered by their company’s HMO and her Philhealth.

While Madz’s salary is well above the minimum wage, her growing medical expenses have started taking its toll on her monthly budget.  If only she could get more discounts on her medicine purchases and hospital expenses, she would be able to at least enjoy part of her hard-earned salary.  She tried her luck by asking the Philhealth if PWDs like herself are considered automatic members of Philhealth like Senior Citizens.

The answer was “No”.  Unlike Seniors who become “lifetime members” upon reaching the age of 60, PWDs still need to make monthly contributions to the Philhealth in order to enjoy the benefits afforded by the agency to Filipinos.

There is Hope.

Lawmakers are seeking to have RA 7277 or the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability amended in order to grant mandatory Philhealth coverage to all Persons with Disability.  The bill covers the following purposes:

  • This bill provides all PWDs with automatic health insurance coverage under the PHIC.
  • To support their enrollment to Philhealth, the national government shall pay for their premium payments to be sourced from the sin tax collections in accordance with Republic Act No. 10351 otherwise known as “An Act Restructuring the Excise Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco Products.”

This move came about after the UN Convention enjoined all member-states to ensure that PWDs enjoy their rights, freedom and dignity.  The same body defined PWDs as those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments which may hinder their full and effective participation in the society on an equal basis with others.

The bill is yet to be approved; once enacted into law, all PWDs shall be able to enjoy the benefits of Philhealth and be freed from the financial burden of availing the health care services they need.  The government shall fund their health insurances out of the sin tax collections in accordance with RA 10351 or the Act Restructuring the Excise Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco Products.

Philhealth’s Role in Uplifting the Privileges of PWDs

Meantime that the government is working at improving the health insurances of PWDs, Philhealth continues to look out for opportunities to advance their support in making the lives of Pinoy PWDs more comfortable through specialized health packages.

One such package is the Z-Morph Prosthesis Package worth Php 15,000.00, launched in 2013.  This is granted to members or dependents in need of lower limb prosthesis, a device replacing a missing part of a person’s lower extremities.  All a member has to do to avail of this benefit is show his Philhealth card; this is initially available in three hospitals in Metro Manila: UE-RMMC, Philippine General Hospital, and Philippine Orthopedic Center.

While the government continues to explore more opportunities to expand the benefit packages for PWDs, affected individuals will have to continue making monthly contributions out of their salaries, or be listed as a beneficiary of a bona fide relative or family who is a Philhealth member, in order to avail of health benefits and privileges from the government.

For more information on the special packages offered by Philhealth to PWDs, visit their website at


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03 - 16

Magandang balita!  Kung ikaw ay edad 60 years old pataas at isang Filipino citizen, ikaw ay automatic na miyembro na ng Philippine Health Insurance Corporation o Philhealth!  Maaari mo nang magamit at ma-enjoy ang iyong mga Philhealth benefits gamit lamang ang iyong Senior Citizen ID, PSA birth certificate, o ano mang ID na magpapatunay na ikaw ay edad 60 years old pataas.

Narito ang mga karagdagang impormasyon kung papano makakakuha ng Philhealth ID ang mga Senior Citizen.  Madaling lang!

May dalawang paraan ng pag enroll para makakuha ng Philhealth ID:

  1. Bulk Enrollment.
    • May listahan ng pangalan ng mga senior citizen sa isang siyudad o munisipalidad ang mga local health insurance offices ng Philhealth.  Siguraduhing nakapagpa lista kayo upang maisama kayo sa bulk enrollment.
    • Ang lahat ng qualified senior citizens (edad lang ang qualification) ay isasama sa bulk enrollment.
    • Ang inyong Philhealth IDs ay idedeliver sa Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA).
  2. Individual Enrollment
    • Requirements:
      • Duly accomplished Philhealth Member Registraton Form.
      • 1 x 1 photo taken within the last six months.
      • Senior Citizens’ ID na mula sa OSCA ng siyudad o munisipalidad kung saan nakatira ang senior citizen OR
      • Kahit na anong valid government-issued ID tulad ng Passport, Driver’s License, SSS o GSIS ID, PRC ID, Postal ID, Voter’s ID.

Kung wala pang Senior Citizen ID, mag apply na sa OSCA kung saan kayo nakatira.  Narito ang mga requirements kapag maga-apply ng Senior Citizen ID:

  1. Ihanda ang mga sumusunod na requirements:
    • PSA Birth Certificate
    • 2 pcs 1 x1 colored photo
    • Valid ID (kahit alin sa mga sumusunod: SSS, GSIS, PRC, Voter’s ID, Postal ID, Passport).
  2. Pumunta sa OSCA ng city o municipality kung saan nakatira ang Senior Citizen at i-submit ang mga requirements.
  3. Ang staff ng OSCA ang siyang maglalagay ng mga detalye sa inyong Senior Citizen ID base sa mga impormasyon sa inyong birth certificate at mga ID.
  4. Bago pirmahan ang ID card, basahing mabuti at i-confirm kung tama lahat ng impormasyong isinulat sa inyong ID, tapos ay pirmahan.

Ang ibang cities at municipalities ay nagbibigay ng one-hour orientation bago ibigay ang ID sa mga members.  Mag attend kayo nito sakaling i-require.

Kumuha na ng inyong Senior Citizen at Philhealth IDs sa pinakamalapit na OSCA sa inyong lugar!

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During the celebration of its 22nd anniversary, Philhealth announced that they are currently developing a benefit package that will focus on providing assistance to children with disabilities.  This is in support of the Department of Health’s (DOH) expanded national program for disabled persons.

The said benefit package is seen to be incorporated in the Z Benefit Package, a Philhealth package offered to members who have health conditions that require expensive treatments and prolonged stay in the hospital.

What types of benefits and assistance will be offered to CWD under the Z Benefit Package?

A. For Hearing Impairment:

  • Professional assessment
  • Diagnostic test
  • Hearing devices
  • Habilitative/rehabilitative speech therapy to enable CWDs to gain functionality in hearing and communication.

B. For Visual Impairment:

  • Vision assessment
  • Provision of electronic and non-electronic optical devices
  • Rehabilitation that will preserve and rehabilitate the children’s ability for sight and purposeful activities.

C. For Mobility Impairment:

  • Provide appropriate mobility devices
  • Habilitative/rehabilitative therapy that can potentially halt the progression of conditions limiting mobility and enable children to navigate access and become more independent.

D. For Developmental Disability:

  • Services for proper diagnosis in order to provide specific and individualized plans for therapy for services.
  • This will help optimize children’s capacities and increase their participation in education and in the community.

Philhealth will launch the CWD benefits in contracted facilities that specialize on services aimed at Z-benefit cases.




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