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Driving is a skill that every citizen must possess.  You can go to a driving school to learn or be mentored by a parent or a relative.  In my case, I learned from my friends who would sneak out of their homes in the dead of the night, pushing their parents’ trusty sedans ever so silently out of the garage.  We would practice in subdivisions and vacant lots until the wee hours of the morning.  My parents were shocked to find out I could drive at the age of 16, and how!  Nevertheless, they took me to LTO to secure my Student Permit and my dad took over teaching me how to drive – the responsible way.

Are you itching to get your hands on that steering wheel?  Well, wait no more.  If you are at least 16 years old, you may apply for your very own Student’s Permit and begin learning how to drive in no time.

Here’s how:

  1. Qualifications
    • Must be at least sixteen (16) years old.
    • Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle.
    • Must be able to read and write in English and Filipino.
  2. Documentary Requirements
    • Properly accomplished Application for Driver’s License.  You may download a copy of the form here and fill it out with the correct information before proceeding to the LTO.
    • Original and photocopy of your PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate with Official Receipt.
    • Medical Certificate issued by any licensed physician practicing in the Philippines.
  3. Procedure
    • Proceed to the Customer Service Counter to get your checklist of requirements and secure a Driver’s License Application Form (Or download the form and fill out prior to your visit to LTO.  Bring the accomplished copy when you visit LTO).  Secure a queue number and wait for your number to be called.  In some cases, they will announce your name and the window number where you need to proceed; pay attention and avoid wearing your earphones or talking on the phone while waiting for your name to be called.
    • When your number is called, proceed to the evaluator counter and submit all the required documents and have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
    • Proceed to the photo taking/signature area to have your picture and signature taken when your name is called.
    • Proceed to the Cashier when your name is called to pay the necessary fees and obtain an Official Receipt.
    • Proceed to the Releasing Counter when your name is called and present the Official Receipt and claim the Student Driver’s Permit.
  4. Fees and Charges
    • Student Permit (SP) Fee                Php 150.00
    • Application Fee                                Php 100.00
    • Computer Fee                                   Php 67.63
    • TOTAL                                                  Php 317.63

You may apply for your Student’s Permit at any Licensing Center or District Office with Driver’s License transactions.

Remember that even if you have a Student’s Permit to drive, you need to be accompanied by a regular driver’s license holder every time you operate a motor vehicle.  You must never go out driving on your own.


Bonjour. Mabuhay.

I can’t help but notice this trait among us Pinoys, waiting for the last minute to get things done. Tapos kapag hindi nagawa o kaya nabibitin, nagagalit tayo sa lahat ng tao sa paligid natin. Take for example getting a passport, sometimes we get to a point that we need a passport immediately to fly out, pero may problema naman sa pagkuha ng passport, kasi delayed. Saan ka lulugar? Syempre magagalit ka. Pero kung masinop ka, since and passport is valid for 5 years, dapat 1 to 2 years ago nakakuha ka na nyan. Wala naman sigurong delay ang DFA ng 12 months. Sobra na yun kung ganun.

Ganun din sa pagkuha ng NSO certificate. Magmamadali, gusto makuha na ngayon na, kasi kailangan. Sana kinuha last week, o kaya 3 days ago bago sa deadline na kailangan. Haaay buhay. Buhay Pinoy. Not ready, floating steady, going angry….

If you get the habit of being prepared for the worst, then you will be prepared for the worst and anything less than that. It is just a matter of setting the right mind set. Never wait, wag Ningas Kugon…pangit yon, pinoy na pinoy.

Magisip ka ngayon…..kailangan ko ba ng birth certificate? Hmmmmmmmm…hindi pa….pero baka…bahala na…. MALI!

Kakailanganin mo yan….kumuha ka na ngayon, itabi mo…para handa ka…mahirap ba yon? Kasi pag kumuha ka ng passport, kailangan mo yan. Pag nag trabaho ka hihingiin yan. Sa enrollment ng anak mo, kailangan nila yan…Wag ka na maghintay…gawin mo na. Dadali buhay mo. Walang pressure.

We feel undue pressure because we position ourselves under the pressure cooker. Be wise. Bawal ang tamad sa bayan na kailangan umasenso. Make a change. Change your state of mind.

You can get your passports, NSO certificates, SSS IDs, NBI stuff, POEA clearances, and other government related docs right now. Do it now. Find the ways and the means. The best and convenient options. Hanapin mo, maraming posibleng paraan sa paligid mo.

Be a smart Pinoy.

Citizen Services


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on VLP

Q: How much is the cost of the vanity license plate?
A: Three categories are proposed:
Limited Edition, floor price P50,000.00 by public auction
Premium Edition P15,000.00 fixed cost
Select Edition P10,000.00 fixed cost

Q: How long can we secure the vanity plate?
A: Assuming that all documentation are in order, a five (5) working days
within Metro Manila. In the provinces it might take a little longer.

Q: Where can we apply for a vanity license plate?
A: All motorists may apply for the vanity license plates at LTO, Central Office,
MID-Computer Section, East Avenue, Quezon City. Eventually, you can
apply at any LTO Regional/District Office, or at this Website. Procedures
will be posted later.

Q: Will duplicate alpha numeric combination be allowed?
A: Available alpha-numeric combination shall only be issued one for every
motorist applicant. It will be on a first come first serve basis. No repetition
or duplicate will be allowed.

Q: In the event that a vanity plate is destroyed, vandalized or lost, how
can I get a replacement?

A: Legally, this will be replaced by the same alpha numeric combination after
payment of a replacement fee. However, the motorist shall be given an
alternative to replace his alpha numeric combination upon payment of the
required fee, the cost of which shall be based on new vanity plate. The
old vanity plate shall already be placed on alarm/storage and can no
longer be re-issued.

Q: If I still have a valid commemorative plate, can I avail of the vanity
license plate?

A: No, If you did not disclose that you have a valid commemorative plate and
you install the vanity plate at the rear of the motor vehicle as prescribed,
your vanity plate and commemorative plate might be confiscated and a
fine will be imposed if caught.

Q: Can a foreigner acquire or secure a vanity plate for souvenir?
A: No, the issuance of Vanity License Plate is limited only in the Philippines
and can only be issued to a motorist with a registered motor vehicle.

Q: Can I give the vanity plate as gift?
A: Yes, provided that the recipient of the gift is a registered owner of a motor

Q: I bought a new motor vehicle but was not yet issued a license plate,
can I avail of the vanity plate?

A: No, vanity license plate can only be issued to a motorist with a registered
motor vehicle already issued a regular LTO license plate.

Q: Can I reserve my favorite vanity plate number?
A: Yes, a payment in the amount of P1,000.00 shall be collected as
reservation fee valid only for 30 days. If unclaimed after 30 days, the said
amount shall be subject to forfeiture in favor of the government.


Bonjour. Mabuhay.

More on Vanity Plates. If you want to know what vanity plates are, click here.

What are the Vanity Plates Categories?


* consists of four (4) or maximum of six (6) characters, either all numeric or all alphas;
Example: 999999 AAAAA WWWWWW 8888

* can be purchased through public aution with a floor price of Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000.00)


* consists of minimum of three (3) or maximum of six (6) characters;

* The price is Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000.00)


How to acquire Vanity Plate?

In Person: Proceed to MID-Computer Section, and accomplish the Application for Vanity Plates Form [Download this form here]. Payment must be made at the time of ordering.

Within five (5) working days after your payment is received, your plate will be sent through our accredited courier at your Home Address.


Bonjour. Mabuhay.

Want to know what a Vanity Plate is? Read on:

Vanity License Plate (VLP) refers to the optional motor vehicle (MV) plate for the purpose of establishing personalized identity of the motor vehicle to the registered owner.

* A single VLP is issued in conjunction with the regular plate and is installed at the space allotted for the rear license plate of the MV by superimposing or placing it on top of the regular license plate.

* The VLP shall be issued to the MV owner and shall belong to the owner with an effectivity period for life unless revoked by LTO due to violation and non-compliance to existing mandatory MV registration laws and regulations.

* The Vanity Plate shall only be issued to the MV owner and assigned to a registered owner if such motor vehicle have been issued a regular license plate.

* A vehicle owner may apply for transfer to another vehicle subject to the given processes and rules of issuance, and the related fees.

* The physical service life of the VLP shall be within a period of five (5) years. After which, the VLP owner shall request for re- issuance of new plate bearing the same alphanumeric combination upon payment of re-issuance fee.

* Authorization of commemorative plates will no longer be granted upon implementation of the vanity plates program. However, existing commemorative plates shall be allowed to mature its validity period with no further extension.

* The following classes of MV under the four (4) wheel category duly registered with the Land Transportation Office shall be eligible to avail of the vanity plate:

o Existing MV: Cars; Sports Utility Vehicles(SUV); Vintage & Collectors; Asian Utility vehicles; Sports Pickup.

o New MV: Cars, Sports Utility vehicles; Asian Utility Vehicles; Sports Pick up.

* The following classifications of MV shall not be covered by the program:

o Existing MV: Public Utility Vehicles; Cargo Trucks (private/for hire); Service Vehicles (hotel limousines, tourist vehicles, car rentals); Government Vehicles, Diplomatic/Other Exempted Vehicles.

o New MV: Public Utility vehicles; Cargo trucks (private/for hire); Service Vehicles (hotel limousines, tourist vehicles, car rentals); Government Vehicles, Diplomatic/Other Exempted Vehicles; More than four (4) wheel category.


More blogs on Vanity Plates to follow…..

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

When applying for a driver’s license. Eto ang mga paraan para maging handa ka 🙂

How to apply for a driver’s license?


1. Proceed to the Customer Service Counter to have your documents checked for completeness, and secure a Driver’s License Application Form. Get a queue number and wait for your number to be called.

2. When your number is called, proceed to the transaction counters to submit all required documents to the Evaluator.

3. Proceed to the Photo taking/Signature Area to have your picture and signature taken when your name is called.

4. Proceed to the Cashier when your name is called to pay the necessary fees and obtain an Official Receipt.

5. Proceed to the Releasing Counter, present the Official Receipt and claim the temporary student permit/license.

Note: Medical Examination  (After Step 1), Actual and Written Exam are required for Non-Professional and Professionals Driver’s License.(After Step


● Restriction 1 – Motorcycles/Motorized Tricycles

● Restriction 2 – Vehicle up to 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight

● Restriction 3 – Vehicle above 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight

● Restriction 4 – Automatic Clutch up to 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight

● Restriction 5 – Automatic Clutch above 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight

● Restriction 6 – Articulated Vehicle 1600 kg Gross Vehicle Weight & Below

● Restriction 7 – Articulated Vehicle 1601 kg up to 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight

● Restriction 8 – Articulated Vehicle 4501 kg & above Gross Vehicle Weight

Note: Restrictions 1, 2, & 4 only for Non-professional driver’s license.

LTO Driver’s License Poll

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

A new day, a new poll question….

So tell me how you feel about getting a driver’s license dito sa Pinas 🙂

Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

Bonjour. Mabuhay

Researched some facts for those who are thinking about getting a driver’s license.

Gusto mo bang mag-drive? 🙂

Basahin mo to.

What is a driver’s license?

A driver’s license, driver license, or driving license – is an official document which states that a person may operate a motorized vehicle, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or a bus. In some jurisdictions, driver’s licenses are issued after the recipient has passed a driving test, while in others, a person acquires a license before beginning to drive. Different categories of license often exist for different types of motor vehicles, particularly large trucks and passenger vehicles. The difficulty of the driving test varies considerably between regions, as do prerequisites such as age restrictions and the required level of tuition.

Who may Apply for a Driver’s License

Criteria And Qualifications

– Sixteen (16) years old for Student Permit
– Seventeen (17) years old for Non-Professional License
– Eighteen (18) years old for Professional License and Conductor’s License

2. Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
3. Must not be a drug user or alcoholic
4. Must be able to read and write in Filipino or English
5. Must be clean, neat and presentable

More facts on the next blog on the hows and wheres.

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