How to File for a Late Registration of Birth

A child must be registered at the Local Civil Registry office within 30 days after his birth.  If the parents fail to do that, the child will not have a valid birth certificate and there will be no basis for the details of his birth. If you register your child beyond the 30-day deadline, hisContinue reading “How to File for a Late Registration of Birth”

If the Parents are Not Married, Whose Surname Does the Baby Use?

I always thought that if a child is born out of wedlock, the baby automatically carries its mother’s maiden last name (while his middle name is left blank, otherwise, the baby and the mom will appear to be siblings).  Only when the baby’s parents marry will the child have the legal right to adopt theContinue reading “If the Parents are Not Married, Whose Surname Does the Baby Use?”

How To Correct Your Child’s Misspelled Name On His Birth Certificate

Any misspelled entry in your child’s birth records can and will cause him a lot of trouble in the future.  It is always best to have these corrected as soon as possible to avoid inconsistencies in your child’s records, especially when he starts going to school. There are two types of corrections that can beContinue reading “How To Correct Your Child’s Misspelled Name On His Birth Certificate”

How to Get an Appointment with the DFA

The DFA has made some changes in the usual process of reserving an appointment slot for your passport application (or renewal).  If you are setting an appointment at any of the DFA offices and satellite branches within Metro Manila, you will be required to pay for your passport fee using the DFA ePayment Portal beforeContinue reading “How to Get an Appointment with the DFA”

4 Steps in Registering your Child’s Birth

My sister gave birth last March to twins.  It was her first pregnancy which means that she had to learn all the things that came with it, twice (changing diapers, breastfeeding, etc.).  She said that from the moment her doctor confirmed she was pregnant, she felt as if she was seeing, hearing, tasting, and feelingContinue reading “4 Steps in Registering your Child’s Birth”