How I Updated My Last Name At Pag-IBIG Fund

Last December (2022), I downloaded the Virtual Pag-IBIG app on my phone. After I created my account, I proceeded to check my regular savings for the year. I was surprised to see that only my contributions from January to June (2022) were visible on the app. At first I thought it was just a glitch given that it was only recently deployed; but I went ahead and called the hotline just to be sure.

The hotline informed me that indeed, my contributions from July to present were on floating status because a change was applied on my personal details by my office: my last name was changed — from my maiden last name to my married last name. However, since I have not changed my last name in my Pag-IBIG records (yet), my contributions could not be credited to my account.

How did this happen? Read on.

I got married in November 2021 and in June 2022, I updated my last name in my office records. That is, I requested for a new company ID card with my married last name on it. I did not change my last name in my government IDs such as my SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG. I thought of doing those at a later time.

When our office remitted my Pag-IBIG contribution for the month of July, my payment was listed under my new last name. Since I was still using my maiden last name in my Pag-IBIG account, my contribution could not be properly tagged even if the contribution was being made under my Pag-IBIG MID. This went on for several months without my knowledge, not until I downloaded the Pag-IBIG mobile app and checked my contributions online.

My Multi-purpose Loan payments, on the other hand, were all credited and my account is up-to-date.

I was advised by the hotline to have my last name updated at a Pag-IBIG office and then request for my contributions to be credited to my account.

I decided to run this errand at the Pag-IBIG Baguio branch since we were spending Christmas up north. I went to their office on December 23 (a Friday) and was happy to see that they were open and there were very few people transacting or waiting for their turn.

I had with me the following:

  1. An original and photocopy of my PSA marriage certificate
  2. A duly accomplished Member’s Change of Information Form (MCIF V09)
  3. A photocopy of my valid passport (details page). You may use any other type of valid government-issued ID.
  4. A request letter (signed by me) detailing the reason for the change in member’s information and request to credit my contributions for the months of July 2022 to November 2022.

The Pag-IBIG branch I visited is located at S Building, Upper Session Road corner Engineer’s Hill, right beside Narda’s. Their office is at the second and third floors of the building and you need to show the building guard an ID before you are allowed entry.

I was given a number at the second floor and had to wait a few minutes before I was called. The staff that attended to my concern took note of my request to update my last name on record and after a couple of minutes, she advised me to proceed to the third floor for the updating of my contributions. The second staff that attended to my concern regarding the posting of my floating contributions advised me to wait for 3 working days for my contributions to reflect on my account.

All in all, I was able to accomplish my errand in less than 20 minutes. I was happy with the results because I was really anticipating they would be short-staffed due to the holidays. But Pag-IBIG Baguio branch delivered beyond my expectations and true to their word, my floating contributions were properly credited to my Pag-IBIG account right after the Christmas weekend.

Lesson learned from this experience: Ladies, before you change your information in your office records, update your Pag-IBIG, SSS, and PhilHealth records first. Also, changing your last name in your government IDs cannot be done online so set aside a day or two to accomplish this task.

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