Countries That Filipinos Can Visit Visa Free In 2023

According to the Henley Passport Index, the Philippine Passport is 78th among global passports. As of this writing, a Philippine Passport holder may visit 67 countries without a visa (38 no visa and , 29 visa on arrival).

Japan has the most powerful passport — its holders can visit 193 countries without a visa. Next in line are Singapore and Korea with access to 192 countries each. Germany and Spain in third place; Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg on fourth, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden on fifth. Believe it or not, the US passport is only seventh on the list.

So, what countries can a Filipino visit without the need to secure a visa? Here’s the list.

Visa-free countries for Filipinos:

  1. Barbados
  2. Bolivia
  3. Brazil
  4. Brunei
  5. Cambodia
  6. Colombia
  7. Cook Islands
  8. Costa Rica
  9. Ivory Coast
  10. Dominica
  11. Fiji
  12. Haiti
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Indonesia
  15. Israel
  16. Kazakhstan
  17. Laos
  18. Macau
  19. Malaysia
  20. Micronesia
  21. Mongolia
  22. Morocco
  23. Myanmar
  24. Niue
  25. Pakistan
  26. Palestine
  27. Peru
  28. Rwanda
  29. Senegal
  30. Singapore
  31. Sri Lanka
  32. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  33. Suriname
  34. Taiwan
  35. Thailand
  36. Gambia
  37. Vanuatu
  38. Vietnam

Visa Upon Arrival Countries:

  1. Armenia
  2. Burundi
  3. Cabo Verde
  4. Comoros
  5. Guinea-Bissau
  6. Iran
  7. Kyrgyzstan
  8. Madagascar
  9. Malawi
  10. Maldives
  11. Marshall Islands
  12. Mauritania
  13. Mauritius
  14. Mozambique
  15. Nepal
  16. Nicaragua
  17. Palau
  18. Papua New Guinea
  19. Samoa
  20. Seychelles
  21. Somalia
  22. Saint Lucia
  23. Tajikistan
  24. Tanzania
  25. Timor-Leste
  26. Togo
  27. Trinidad and Tobago
  28. Tuvalu
  29. Uganda

There are countries that issue eVisa to Filipino citizens. This means that the Filipino applicant may simply apply for the visa online, submit the requirements online, and wait for the email confirming the visa status and documents you need to print and present when crossing the border.

These countries are:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Australia
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Benin
  5. Djibouti
  6. Ethiopia
  7. Gabon
  8. Georgia
  9. India
  10. Kenya
  11. Lesotho
  12. Moldova
  13. Montserrat
  14. Oman
  15. Qatar
  16. Russia
  17. Sao Tome and Principe
  18. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  19. Turkiye
  20. United Arab Emirates
  21. Uzbekistan
  22. Zambia
  23. Zimbabwe

And for the rest of the world, Filipinos need to secure a visa in order to enter its borders.

Remember, you need a passport that is valid for at least six months after your departure date. As a traveler myself, I would recommend that you keep your passport updated within a 12-month timeline — don’t wait until you’re down to seven or six months before expiration. Have it renewed the moment it has less than 12 months validity. That is the safe (and sensible!) way of making sure you don’t get into any passport problems when you’re crossing borders.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. Stay tuned for more.

Happy New Year!


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