The SSS Workers’ Investment Savings Program Plus: All You Need To Know

Before the end of 2022, the Social Security System (SSS) launched the Workers’ Investment and Savings Program Plus (WISP Plus) – a voluntary savings and investment scheme open to employed and self-employed SSS members and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). WISP provides an additional source of retirement benefits for members, aside from the usual SSS pension.


For those who may still be unaware, the SSS launched the original WISP in January 2021 as part of the landmark provisions under RA No. 11199 (or the Social Security Act of 2018). WISP covers all private sector employees, self-employed individuals, OFWs, and voluntary members. WISP is mandatory to SSS members whose MSC exceeds Php 20,000 and meets the following conditions:

  1. Should not have made any final claim under the regular SSS program
  2. Must have up-to-date contributions under the regular SSS program

Enrollment to the original WISP is automatic for members whose monthly salary credit (MSC) exceeds Php 20,000 (effective January 2021). This starts on the date of the first posted contribution after WISP was implemented and shall be paid with the regular SSS contribution.

Early withdrawal of contribution is not allowed. All claims under WISP are paid when regular benefits are withdrawn.


Basically, WISP Plus is an evolution of WISP, and with the same purpose of providing an additional layer of protection to SSS members, aside from retirement benefits and pension from the regular program. Unlike the original WISP, WISP Plus is voluntary and is open to all types of SSS members, declared monthly earnings, and monthly salary credits.

How to Enroll to WISP Plus

You must have an existing My.SSS account because this is where you may enroll and begin paying your WISP Plus contributions. To qualify for the program, you must not have filed for any final benefit claim such as retirement, total disability benefits, and pension.

How To Pay For Your WISP Plus Contributions

The minimum payment for WISP Plus is Php 500.00. This may be paid at SSS tellering branches and accredited payment partners of the SSS. Payments may be made any time — there are no schedules to be followed or cut-offs to be met. You may check the posting of your contributions as well as the earning through your My.SSS account.

The WISP Plus has a 5-year maturity timeline but you may withdraw your savings in part or in full after one year of contributing.

If you would like to know more about WISP Plus, you may call the SSS at 632-8920-6446 to 55 or visit their website at


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2 thoughts on “The SSS Workers’ Investment Savings Program Plus: All You Need To Know

  1. Can you just deposit 500 and that’s it? Is this NOT a monthly deposit kind of savings? I looked at a similar savings program in PAG IBIG (MP2 Savings) and in their sample computation, it shows that monthly voluntary computation is made.

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