Will The SSS Death Benefit Be Cut-off If The Surviving Spouse Remarries?

The quickest answer to this question is yes.

The SSS death benefit is a monthly pension given to the surviving spouse of a deceased SSS member. If the deceased member is not married or was single at the time of his or her death, the benefits will go to the parents who are considered as the secondary beneficiaries. If both parents are deceased, any other person designated by the member in his or her SSS records as his or her beneficiary shall receive the death benefit. Sometimes, it is disbursed as a lump sum amount, depending on the claimant’s preference. Based on SSS’ Summary of Benefits, the amount of the benefit are based on the following:

  • If the member has dependent minor children, they are entitled to receive a Dependent’s Allowance equivalent to 10% of member’s monthly pension or P250.00, whichever is higher. Only five minor children, beginning from the youngest, are entitled to the Dependent’s Pension. This allowance stops when the child reaches 21 years old, gets married, gets employed, or passes away. If the dependent is incapacitated, incapable of supporting himself due to physical or mental defects, then the allowance continues even after the child reaches the age of maturity.
  • The minimum monthly Death Pension is P1,000 if the member had less than 10 credited years of service (CYS), P1,200 if with at least 10 CYS, and P2,400 if with at least 20 CYS.
  • Plus P1,000 additional benefit effective January 2017.

What are the qualifying conditions in order to receive or claim the SSS death benefit?

  • The deceased member should have paid at least 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of death for the beneficiaries to receive a monthly death pension.
  • A lump sum amount is granted to the beneficiaries of the deceased member who has paid less than 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of death.

What are the requirements when claiming the death benefits?

1. Death Claim Application (SSS Form DDR-1)

2. Affidavit of Death Benefit, if claimant is secondary beneficary (SSS Form CLD-1.3A)

3. Filer’s Affidavit (Sinumpaang Sanaysay)

4. Other Affidavit, whichever is applicable

  • Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons, if claimant is legal heir or designated beneficiary (SSS Form CLD-1.3)
  • Application for Appointment as Representative Payee, if claimant is guardian (SSS Form CLD-15)

5. Report of Death (SSS Form BPN-105), if death is work-related

6. Claimant’s photo, signature form and valid IDs

7. If claimant is the spouse of the deceased, marriage certificate and birth certificates of minor children (duly certified by LCR/NSO)

8. If single, the deceased member’s birth certificate and marriage certificate of parents (duly certified by LCR/NSO)

9. Certified true copy of deceased member’s death certificate

  • certified/issued by LCR/NSO, if member died in the Philippines
  • issued by vital statistics/census office or equivalent agency and certified by the Philippine Embassy/Consultat, if member died abroad

10. For pension – Single savings account passbook or ATM card with validated deposit slip or Cash Card Enrollment Form (photocopy and presentation of original for validation)

The SSS may require additional documents that are not listed here.

Will the SSS pension be cancelled when the surviving spouse remarries or gets into a new relationship?

Yes. Based on the SSS Office Order No. 2010-013, a “surviving spouse” who remarries or enters into a live-in/common law relationship with another person shall be disqualified from receiving their monthly pension.

Will the revoked pension be restored if the surviving spouse separates from his or her boyfriend/girlfriend/live-in partner?

Still according to the SSS, since the death benefit is a “lifetime policy”, pension revoked under the clause can no longer be restored.

Do you have questions about the SSS death benefit? You may try calling the SSS hotline at 1455 (for Metro Manila callers), or 1-800-10-2255777 for outside Metro Manila callers (toll-free). You can also send them an email at member_relations@sss.gov.ph.


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