How To Renew Your Driver’s License In 5 Steps

There is now an easier, more efficient way to have your driver’s license renewed by the LTO, and it only involves five steps. If you are due to have your license renewed soon, READ THIS.

Step 1: Create an Account at the LTO LTMS Portal

On the LTMS homepage, click the Register tab to create an account. Have your driver’s license number available with you as well as other basic personal information. A verification link will be sent to your email after you complete the registration process. Click the verification link to activate your registration.

If you already have an account, simply log-in to take the Online Validation Exam (OVE).

Step 2: Take the Online Validation Exam (OVE)

You can take the exam right away or delay it a bit while you review and brush up on the theories of driving. The LTO has an online reviewer available on the website; just click on the E-Learning tab found at the top of the LTMS homepage. Choose the Driver’s License Renewal Course.

In order to pass the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) validation exam, you need to get at least 13 correct answers out of the 25 questions.

Step 3: Print the validation exam certificate

If you pass the exam, print two copies of the OVE certificate. If you failed, you may take it again.

Step 4: Submit your self for medical examination

Have yourself checked at an LTO-accredited clinic. Simply fill-out the medical forms and questionnaire as truthfully as possible. Pay the medical exam fee and submit yourself for medical the check-up. Keep your medical certificate as this is a requirement when you renew your license at the LTO later on.

Step 5: Submit the OVE and Medical Certificate at the LTO

After submitting your requirements, pay for the license renewal fee. Have your photo taken and fingerprints collected and provide your signature specimen. If you are a married woman, you also have the option to change your signature on the license card.

Wait for your license card to be printed; this will be handed to you with an official receipt. You will also be taught how to register your driver’s license number and name.

If you have other questions about driver’s license renewal, you may chat with LTO through their Facebook page, or call them at 89229061 to 63 or send them an email at

Drive safely!


Land Transportation Office



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