How To Pay For Your Missed PhilHealth Contributions

While you will not be denied your PhilHealth benefits if you fail to make a contribution payment or two, you will be billed for the unpaid monthly premiums plus interests when you finally decide to settle. That is why you need to keep your PhilHealth contributions updated to avoid having to make payments right when you’re about to claim your benefits (e.g. you’re in an emergency or you need to be admitted at a hospital). Missed payments can still be paid so that your records remain complete.

How do I pay for missed PhilHealth contributions?

You will be allowed to pay for missed months as long as you have paid nine consecutive monthly contributions before you stopped making payments. Otherwise, you need to consult the nearest PhilHealth office in your area to determine the amount you need to pay, plus interests and fines.

Example: You failed to pay for your PhilHealth contributions from January 2022 to March 2022. You may pay for the said months within April 2022 ONLY IF your payments from April 2021 to December 2021 are complete.

To get the most accurate computation of the amount you need to pay, visit the nearest PhilHealth office in your area and bring a valid government-issued ID or any type of valid ID.

How to pay for missed PhilHealth contributions?

Here are the facts you need to know about paying your PhilHealth contributions:

  • The online payment facility is available only to employers and voluntary members.
  • Self-paying members with declared monthly income may pay for their contributions online via the new PhilHealth Member Portal.
  • You may pay at any PhilHealth Regional Office or Local Health Insurance Office. PhilHealth Express outlets in malls do not accept contribution payments.
  • You may also pay at any of the following over-the-counter collecting partners:
    • Asia United Bank Corporation
    • Bank of Commerce
    • Bank One Savings Corporation
    • BDO Network Bank
    • Camalig Bank
    • Century Rural Bank
    • Century Savings Bank Corporation
    • China Banking Corporation
    • China Bank Savings, Inc.
    • CIS Bayad Center, Inc.
    • Citystate Savings Bank, Inc.
    • Development Bank of the Philippines
    • East West Rural Bank, Inc.
    • Land Bank of the Philippines
    • Selected LGUs and other accredited banks
  • Online Payment Channels
    • BPI via Bizlink
    • Citibank
    • Land Bank of the Philippines
    • Security Bank Corporation
    • Union Bank of the Philippines
    • BancNet e-Gov

To know more about making monthly contributions to PhilHealth, visit their website at PhilHealth.


PhilHealth Website


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