What To Do When The Annotation On The Annulment Of Your Marriage Does Not Reflect On Your PSA Marriage Certificate

After an annulment is granted to a married couple, the details of the annulment is written on their old marriage certificate to indicate that their union has been dissolved. However, there are cases when, even after months or years of getting an annulment granted, the ex-couple’s PSA marriage certificate would still not have the said annotations.

Here’s how you can get the needed annotations properly reflected on your PSA marriage certificate:

  1. Proceed to the Local Civil Registry (LCR) officer where the marriage certificate was registered and ask the LCR if the annulment documents needed for the annotation of the marriage certificate have been forwarded to the PSA. If not, submit a formal request for certified true copies of the following supporting documents:
    • Court Decree of Annulment/Declaration of Nullity of Marriage
    • Certificate of Finality
    • Certificate of Registration
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Un-annotated Marriage Certificate
    • Annotated marriage certificate
    • The above requirements shall be submitted to PSA for re-processing of the request.
  2. A request for annotated marriage certificate resulted to error in the annotation.

To get the most updated guideline on this type of annotation request, including the fees and timeline, visit the LCR nearest your area (or better yet, the LCR where the marriage certificate was registered). Prepare all documents related to your annulment too. Do no transact with fixers even if they promise to expedite your documents; always transact with legitimate employees and staff of the city or municipal hall and demand official receipts every time you make a payment.


Philippine Statistics Authority


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