Single Persons’ Welfare Act: All You Need To Know

Are you a single person who has taken the responsibility of caring for your senior parents’ needs? Or are supporting your younger siblings’ education? Or are helping raise your nieces and nephews? There is good news for you.

The Single Persons’ Welfare Act is a bill that seeks to provide additional perks for single persons who:

  • are not legally married OR
  • anyone who has previously married but whose marriage was subsequently annulled or declared void, legally separated, AND
  • who exercises custody on or financially supports or aids someone that is not his or her child.

Single Persons’ Welfare Act vs. Solo Parents’ Welfare Act

The Single Persons’ Welfare Act, if enacted, will be an amendment to the Expanded Solo Parents’ Welfare Act (RA No. 11861). While the latter is focused on individuals who are raising their children on their own (without the help, support, or presence of their spouse or partner), the Single Persons’ Welfare Act includes single persons who have a dependent such as a minor sibling, nephews and nieces, unemployed parents and relatives, or grandparents who have disabilities.

Benefits under the Expanded Solo Parents that SINGLE persons may receive:

  • Educational benefits under Section 9, which mandates the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority to provide scholarships to the solo parent and two of his or her dependents;
  • Monthly cash pension of P1,500 under Section 15, if the solo parent is a minimum wage earner and does not receive other cash subsidies from the government;
  • Flexible work from home schedule under Section 12, which compels employers of single parents to provide flexible working hours and other considerations like telecommuting as long as it does not affect the employee and the company’s productivity.

The support is automatically terminated once the single person marries (or changes his or her civil status).


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2 thoughts on “Single Persons’ Welfare Act: All You Need To Know

  1. Hindi n dw po ako quified na solo parent kasi 19 yrs old na ang anak ko pero dependent ko pa dn sya,
    Pag may sakit ang anak ko ako dn nag aalaga.
    Sabi sa CSWDO d na dw pwed renew.
    Wla p dw RESo na gang 22 yrs old ang dependent eh saken p dn nman sya umaasa

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