All You Need To Know About The Cash Subsidy for Stay-at-home Moms

Moms and housewives who stay at home to take care of household duties and do not have a part-time or home-based work are the target of a bill filed by Rep. Joey Salceda at the House of Representatives. House Bill No. 668 states that full-time housewives must be compensated with a Php 2,000 cash subsidy every month in recognition of the social reproductive work that stay-at-home mothers and wives perform for our society.

Who may qualify for the subsidy?

  • women who, regardless of civil status, perform the work of a full-time mother;
  • women who do not have part-time nor home-based work that generates income for the family.
  • their family’s economic status falls below the poverty threshold.
  • child or children (aged 0 to 12) is/are enrolled in public schools and have at least an 85% attendance.
  • child or children manifest responsible behavior in preparation for eventual independence from the full-time services of the mothers.
  • the whole family attends a quarterly barangay assembly aimed at empowering the family to become responsible members of their locality, and at reducing the time burden of unpaid care for women living in poverty.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) will be responsible for the implementation of the subsidy should the bill be approved by Congress and the President. The financial assistance will be reviewed every three years to check that recipients still qualify for the subsidy (as some may have already found jobs, etc.). The National Household Targeting System for Poverty Restriction (NHTS-PR) will be responsible for identifying the households that may qualify for the program.

Personally, I hope that this bill be granted and enacted as soon as possible. Stay-at-home mothers and housewives need to be compensated for the thankless hours they spend to make their homes livable for their families. They do not have vacation leaves, no overtime pay, and probably very minimal recognition for their sacrifices. While the money does not fully compensate for their sacrifices, it could, somehow, help them realize that their work is not disregarded and their contributions to our society as a whole are not dismissed.

Let’s keep a close watch on this bill, folks!


CNN Philippines


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