How To File ECC Death Benefit Claims Through The My.SSS Portal

The Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) is a branch under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that takes care of the benefits due to workers who got sick, got injured, or passed away due to work-related situations and circumstances.

Private and government employees are both entitled to these services and benefits from the ECC. If you are a private employee (or are a beneficiary of a private employee), you may file the ECC claims at the SSS. Government employees and their beneficiaries should file ECC claims at the GSIS.

Today’s blog shall cover the step-by-step process involved in filing a Death Benefits Claim for a private employee who passed away. Read on.

The good news is that EC Death Benefit Claims may now be filed via the My.SSS portal. This means that you no longer need to travel to an SSS office to fill out forms, wait for your turn to be attended to, etcetera, just to be able to file your claim. You can do all these online provided you have a My.SSS account. If you still don’t have a My.SSS, go to my previous blog to see how: How to Create a MySSS Account.

All You Need To Know About EC Death Benefit Claims For Private Employees

Only the Dependent Legal Spouse can file for the EC Death Benefit claim online and only if the legal spouse meets the following conditions:

  • The legal spouse must not have re-married
  • The legal spouse must not have cohabitated with another person
  • Must not have entered into a live-in relationship before or after the death of the member spouse

The online filing of the EC Death Benefit is not allowed for the following cases:

  • If the deceased member has an outstanding loan balance under the Stock Investment Loan Program (SILP)/Privatization Loan Program/Educational Loan/Vocational Technology Program
  • If the claimant is a PWD, or is under the care of a guardian, or is admitted in an institution such as a penitentiary, correctional institution, or rehabilitation center
  • If the claim is covered by the Portability Law or Bilateral Social Security Agreements
  • If the deceased person’s death certificate is not available, either from the LCR or the PSA (in cases when the death certificate is registered late).
  • If the claim is currently undergoing an adjustment for re-adjudication

What to prepare BEFORE filing an EC Death Benefit Claim online:

  1. SS number and the My.SSS account of the claimant (legal spouse)
  2. UMID card that is enrolled as an ATM/e-Wallet/RTC/CPO (Remittance Transfer Company/Cash Payout Outlet) account at the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) of the My.SSS portal
  3. Active or retained SS number of the deceased member
  4. Documentary requirements for the EC Death Benefit Claim application

How to file the EC Death Benefit Claim online:

  1. Log in to your My.SSS Member account using your assigned username and password.
  2. Under the E-Services tab, choose Benefits and then click Submit Death Claim Application.
  3. Click on Proceed after reading the description of the Death Benefit Claim.
  4. Provide all the required information and details of the deceased member and then choose Death Benefit Claim Type (EC Death) and then click on Proceed.
  5. Indicate the member’s cause of death and then click on Proceed.
  6. If the cause of death is due to illness, the claimant must proceed to the nearest SSS branch for a medical evaluation. This will be conducted by the Medical Evaluation Section of the SSS branch. If this is the case, click on OK to cancel the online transaction.
  7. If the applicant is qualified to receive the monthly death benefit pension, the date and estimated amount (including the additional P1,150 benefit) will be shown on the screen. To continue with the application, click on Proceed.
  8. Click OK to proceed to the online filing of the Death Benefit claim.
  9. Accomplish the questionnaire by choosing Yes or No answers; provide the SS number under Other Pension Benefit if applicable. Click Proceed.
  10. From the dropdown menu, choose Disbursement Account where you wish to receive the benefits. Click Proceed.
  11. Upload the JPEG or PDF files of the documentary requirements and then click on Proceed. The files must not exceed 1MB in size. If the claimant is the same person who filed for the Funeral Benefit claim, upload the PSA Marriage Certificate of the claimant and the deceased member, Report of Death (BPN-105) and other supporting documents. If the claimant is different from the one who filed the Funeral Benefit claim, upload the PSA marriage certificate (of the deceased member and spouse), PSA death certificate of the deceased member, Report of Death (BPN-105), and other supporting documents.
  12. Click on the Certify and Proceed button to confirm the Certification.
  13. Click on the OK button to confirm the submission of the EC Death Benefit Claim. Print the acknowledgment receipt containing the details of the submitted claim.
  14. Check your email for notification from the SSS regarding the submitted claim.

How long should I wait before I receive the proceeds?

The processing time for an EC Death Benefit Claims will begin at the time and date when the complete application and documentary requirements were received (online).

The proceeds will be credited to the UMID card of the claimant that is enrolled as an ATM, or through any of the chosen disbursement account enrolled in the DAEM.

For more information about EC Death Claims for private employees, please visit the Employees’ Compensation Commission Facebook page or the ECC website.


SSS Facebook Page

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