All You Need To Know About Commuting With Your Pets In The MRT-3

Pets are now allowed in the MRT-3!

I did a quick research on this topic and was pleasantly surprised to find out that pets have started riding the MRT as early as July 2021. This is very good news for pet lovers.

To help you fully understand the details of this not-so new update, I summarized the guidelines set by the MRT for passengers who plan to bring their pets when riding the train. Para iwas abala sa iyo at sa ibang pasahero, at iwas away na din dahil sa hindi pagkaka-intindihan.

  1. Domesticated animals are now allowed in the MRT:
    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Birds are also allowed
  2. One pet at a time per passenger.
  3. Do not feed your pet while inside the train.
  4. Cage/carrier shall not occupy seats intended for passengers.
  5. Cage/carrier size must not be more than 2 feet by 2 feet.
  6. Cage/carrier shall remain locked at all times.
  7. Pet owners must clean up after their pet (in case the pet makes a mess).
  8. Pet owners must accomplish a Waiver Form releasing MRT-3 from any liability should there be any loss, death, illness, injury, or accident of the pet while traveling.
  9. Pets in leashes will not be allowed.

There you go! Always consider other people’s comfort and safety when taking your beloved pets with you in the MRT. Not all people are fond of pets or being around animals, especially when they are on their way to work or an important function. Sometimes, the smell of pets might cause others to complain or ask that you move a bit farther — these are understandable reactions and we hope no one gets in trouble because of these small but important concerns in a public transportation.

Stay safe and healthy!


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