How To Change Your SSS Beneficiaries

Yesterday, we featured the step-by-step processes on how to apply corrections or changes on your name, marital status, and gender in your SSS records through My.SSS. Today, we are going to share how you can change your SSS beneficiaries.

By the way, changing your SSS beneficiaries can only be done by submitting your request to an SSS branch near you. This is not yet available online.

How to change your SSS beneficiaries:

When you first became an SSS member, chances are you listed your parents as your beneficiaries. You can change your list of beneficiaries after you get married or when you start having children. Here is how you can submit your request to change your list of beneficiaries to an SSS branch:

  1. Submit a duly accomplished copy of the E-4 or Member Data Change Request Form. You may change one beneficiary or completely change all the names in your list.
  2. Attach the supporting documents, depending on nature of change. For example: if you want to add your spouse as a beneficiary because you are now married, you need to attach a copy of your PSA marriage certificate. If you wish to remove one of your parents as a beneficiary because he or she has already passed on, attach their PSA death certificate. The list of documentary requirements are listed in page 4 of the E-4 form.
  3. Submit the filled out E4 form and your supporting documents to the nearest SSS office. Bring two valid IDs with you for name, photo, and signature verification.

Reasons for changing SSS beneficiaries:

  1. If the member is already married and would like to list his or her spouse as beneficiary.
  2. If the member’s marriage has been annulled and would like to remove his or her spouse as a beneficiary.
  3. If the member starts having children.
  4. If the listed beneficiary passed away.
  5. If the listed beneficiary has reached the legal age and is also now an SSS member.

For more information, you may contact the SSS through the Facebook page or call their hotline at 1455 or send them an email at


SSS Facebook Page


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4 thoughts on “How To Change Your SSS Beneficiaries

  1. pano po kapag ka hindi kapa kasal or wala ka pang anak and hindi po nailagay yung parents? pwede pa po bang baguhin or mag wait na lang ng 5days bago gumawa ulit ng sss?

    1. Kung pagpapalit ng beneficiaries ang issue, kailangan niyo pong pumunta sa SSS para magawa ito. Pero kung wala pa kayong nailagay talaga sa SSS account niyo, subukan niyo din munang gawin online through your MySSS account.

      1. Paano po ba may lumitaw na name sa sss record ng husband ko na son na/wala pong apelyido during nag pa proses ako ng death claim nya hindi nman po cya minor pero wala kme alam na may anak cya na ganun ang pangalan pano po gagawin or ma delete pa po ba yon sa record ni sss

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