SSS Now Accepts Contribution Payments Through ShopeePay

Are you a voluntary member of the SSS? Do you make monthly payments for your SSS contributions through their different accredited payment hubs?

There’s good news for you! You can now pay for your SSS contributions through ShopeePay!

Cashless and online payments are the safer and more convenient way to pay bills and other essential purchases, especially during these uncertain times. With a swipe or tap on your mobile phone, you are able to settle your utility bills, tuition fees, credit card bills, and a lot more — right at the safety of your home. Imagine being able to pay for your contributions to government billers without having to commute or drive and stand in line as you wait for your turn. Super convenient!

How to pay SSS contributions using ShopeePay?

  1. Tap on the Shopee app on your phone.
  2. Tap on Load, Bills, and Travel
  3. Tap on Government Services
  4. Tap on SSS Contribution
  5. Key in the Payment Reference Number in the Account Number field.
  6. Key in the amount of contribution and then click on Continue

Reminders when paying through ShopeePay:

  1. Only contribution and payments from self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouse and OFWs are currently accepted through ShopeePay. The following prefixes are the identifier of every payor type:
    • S – Self-employed (Sample: S0718000005874)
    • V – Voluntary (Sample: V0718000005874)
    • N – Non-working Spouse (Sample: N0718000005874)
    • O – OFW (Sample: O0718000005874)
  2. Employer record/payments are not accepted in the channel.
  3. Enter the Payment Reference Number (PRN) in the Account Number field.
  4. Enter exact amount to be paid.
  5. Check if ALL information are correct before continuing. User shall take full responsibility for submitting the correct information.
  6. Shopee shall not be held liable for inaccurate information shared by the user.

The app also offers an option to send a payment reminder to the user every month. This may be a good thing to do so that you don’t miss your monthly contributions to the SSS.

Apart from SSS, ShopeePay also accepts payments for NBI clearance, Seaman’s Book and Certificate (Marina), Manila LGU payments (eCedula, eBirth, eHealth, Real Property Tax, Business Permit), and Pag-IBIG Membership Savings, Housing Loan payments and MP2 savings.

Never miss an SSS contribution with ShopeePay!



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