PhilSys Check: A PhilID Verification System

How do you know your PhilID (national ID) is authentic? Read this.

The Philippine Statistics Authority recently launched the PhilSys Check system – a tool that relying parties such as banks, schools, and other establishments that accept your PhilID as basis for your identification, may use to check if the PhilID you are presenting to them is authentic.

How does the PhilSys Check work?

PhilSys Check is a website that uses public-private cryptography to verify the authenticity of a PhilID through the scanning of the ID’s QR code. It is currently accessible through Android devices and laptops using internet connection. It has been tested by 13 pilot banks and so far, so good.

I still haven’t received my PhilID. Who do I call to check the status of my ID?

You can track your PhilID through the PHLPost tracking site – PHLPost Tracking.

Using your transaction number found on the transaction slip given to you after you finished Step 2 (biometrics) of the registration process. Your transaction number has 29 digits or more.

Through the tracking site, you can check the delivery status of your ID. If you see an In Transit prompt, it means that your ID has been processed and is on its way to your registered address. If you get a Not Found prompt, it means that your ID still undergoing processing; you may check again after a few weeks.

How long before I receive my PhilID?

You can expect to receive your PhilID after six months from the time you completed Step 2 of the registration process.

Where can I follow up the availability and delivery of my PhilID?

You may contact the PhilSys Registry Office hotline at 1388. You may also send an email to

It is still advisable that you use the tracking system of PhilSys as the hotline will also be using the same system to check the status of your ID. If you think that your ID is taking too long to be delivered, remember that millions of Filipinos registered to the PhilSys national ID system — these things usually take time.


Philippine Statistics Authority



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