Can I Get A Copy Of My Partner’s CENOMAR Without Him Knowing?

This is a question we commonly receive in our inbox. So to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, the straight and easy answer is no.

A CENOMAR, or Certificate of No Marriage, is proof that a person is single and is free to marry. The CENOMAR of a person who is married, or was married, will bear the details of his or her previous marriage. The CENOMAR of a married person is actually called a Report of Marriage. You cannot marry if you have a registered marriage.

When you apply for a marriage license, you will be required to submit the original copy of your PSA CENOMAR to the city or municipal hall where you are applying for the license. There are two ways to get a copy of the CENOMAR:

The owner of the PSA CENOMAR must personally request for the document. But, if the individual could not personally appear at a PSA CRS outlet, he or she may authorize someone else to do it for him or her. To see the complete list of requirements when authorizing someone else to get a copy of your PSA civil registry documents at the PSA, read my blog How To Authorize Another Person To Request For A Copy Of Your PSA Birth Certificate.

When you order a copy of it online, you have to personally receive it at the address you indicated in your request. Apart from your own CENOMAR, you may also order for your parents or your children. These are the only other persons that you can request copies of PSA certificates for if you are ordering online.

Remember, the PSA strictly implements the guidelines of the Data Privacy Act of 2012. That is the primary reason why you cannot simply march up to the PSA and demand to be issued a copy of someone else’s civil registry documents. You must have the proper authorization and be able to present valid identification to support your request. Even then, the PSA reserves the right to refuse releasing the documents to you should they find that your documents and IDs do not satisfy their validation requirements.

To know more about the Certificate of No Marriage, you may check this article published in the website.


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