How To Update Your PhilHealth Membership Records

It is important to keep your PhilHealth Member Data Record updated to ensure that you and your beneficiaries are able to claim your benefits without delay when needed badly. You may have your member data record updated if:

  • Civil status change for single members who got married.
  • Declaring new or additional dependents.
  • Changing membership type to OFW if the member is moving abroad to work.

In the past, you need to personally appear at a PhilHealth office in order to file the updates on your records. Now, you can do it electronically by sending your updated Member Registration form via email! It is safer, more economical, and a lot more convenient.

You can update your records at the PhilHealth in three easy steps:

  1. Download a copy of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (or PMRF) here and accomplish it with your updated details.
  2. Attach a clear copy of documents to support the change in your details such as your PSA marriage certificate (if the member is updating his or her records because of marriage) or PSA birth certificate (for new or additional dependents).
  3. Send the duly accomplished PMRF and the supporting documents to On the subject heading, please follow this format: MEM UPDATE<space>Name<space>Province/City/Region and then wait for PhilHealth to send your updated MDR via email.

If you would like to make a follow-up, you may call PhilHealth at 02-8441-7442 or chat with them on their Facebook page at

To get copies of your PSA birth certificate and PSA marriage certificate online, visit and have your certificates delivered to you.



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