SSS Sickness Benefit Application Can Now Be Done Online

Good news to all self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouses, and OFW members of the Social Security System (SSS)! In case you get sick and need to file your claims at the SSS, you can do so without going to an SSS office. You can now do it online!

How do I apply for a sickness benefit online?

First, you need to have an online account with the SSS. This is called the My.SSS portal and you can access this at the official website of the SSS at

After that, you need an approved bank or e-wallet account in the SSS’ Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM), also found at the My.SSS portal.

Steps in Filing your Sickness Benefit online:

  1. Log in to your My.SSS account. If you still do not have a My.SSS account, read my previous blog for the full instructions on how to open an account. Click this link: How To Create A MySSS Account.
  2. Click on the Submit Sickness Benefit Application under the E-Services tab.
  3. Read the important reminders and click on Proceed.
  4. Supply all the required information then click on Proceed for SSS validation of provided information and confirmation of eligibility to Sickness Benefit, such as the following:
    • Start of sickness
    • Confinement location
    • Date you were discharged from hospital confinement
    • Number of days claimed
    • License number of attending physician
    • Work related? – Yes or No
    • Disbursement account
    • Employed at the time of sickness? – Yes or No
  5. Check the list of documentary requirements and other important reminders.
  6. Upload the required documents into the online portal. Please take note of the acceptable file formats and sizes to avoid rejection of your submission. Click on the I Certify and Submit to proceed.
  7. Click OK to confirm the transaction.
  8. The system will display a notification message. Click View and then take note of your transaction details. Also check your inbox for the email notification from SSS.

Other important reminders from the SSS:

  1. Filing of Sickness Benefits over the counter or through drop box at any SSS branch will still be allowed until the full implementation of the mandatory online filing. This means that you really have to create a MySSS account because personal filing at SSS offices will soon be obsolete.
  2. The filer shall upload the required supporting document/s corresponding to the type of claim/adjustment being filed to proceed with the submission of the SBA. Uploaded documents shall be reviewed by SSS.
  3. All sickness claims shall be subject to medical evaluation and approval prior to payment.
  4. The filing date of the sickness benefit claim shall be on the date of successful submission of the claim.
  5. Claims that have been previously submitted but were not accepted based on SSS’ evaluation may be refiled online by the member as a new transaction upon compliance with SSS’ requirements.
  6. The following sickness benefit claims, which are exempted from the online filing, shall be submitted OTC or through the drop box at any SSS branch.
    • Denied claim reconsidered for payment
    • Unclaimed benefit of deceased member

For further questions about Sickness Benefit claims at the SSS, please call their hotline at 1455 or SSS Call Center Numbers, (632) 7917-777. Or chat with them at their official Facebook page.



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