Is It Important to Indicate the Date and Place of the Parents’ Marriage in the Child’s Birth Certificate?

Each and every entry in a civil registry document, such as a Certificate of Live Birth, is important. The birth certificate is the sole basis for a person’s identity and lineage and will be asked of that person every time he makes important transactions such as enroll in school, apply for a bank account, travel, and get married (or unmarried). If your birth certificate has errors or inaccurate entries, your applications and transactions might get questioned, delayed, or denied.

Apart from the name, birthdate, birth place, and gender of the owner of the birth certificate, the details of his or her parents are also very important. Their names, birthdates, and addresses must be clearly and correctly indicated on the child’s birth certificate to establish his parentage.

If the child’s parents are married, the details of their marriage must be clearly written on the child’s birth certificate. This detail is vital in establishing the child’s legitimacy.

But what if the date and place of the child’s parents’ marriage was left blank? Or what if they could not remember the exact date of their marriage? Here are the answers we gathered from the website of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA):

  1. If the parents could not determine the exact date of their marriage, they must be able to provide the approximate year of their marriage (at least). If they could not approximate the year, they must write “forgotten” on the date of marriage field. Do not leave it blank.
  2. If the parents of the child could not be determined, write “Not Applicable” on the date and place of parents’ marriage.
  3. If the child, the guardians, or the parents themselves could not supply the information, place “Unknown”, or “Don’t Know”, or “D.K.”
  4. If the parents are not married on or before the child’s birth, but parents’ names appear on the child’s birth certificate, write “Not Married” on the date and place of marriage field.

If you are a first-time parent, know that once your child’s birth certificate is submitted to the LCR for registration, you could no longer retrieve it to correct any entry that you overlooked. So, make sure to review the entries in your child certificate of live birth before signing it and handing it over to the LCR for registration.

For a more comprehensive summary of civil registration procedures, visit the PSA website at


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One thought on “Is It Important to Indicate the Date and Place of the Parents’ Marriage in the Child’s Birth Certificate?

  1. May problema po kasi ako sa date ng kasal na nakalagay sa birth certificate ng aking mga anak, Kinasal po kasi kami noong March 25, 2007 sa Quezon city hall at napag alaman namin na hindi na register ang kasal namin ng march 25, 2007. Kaya nagpunta kami ulit sa Quezon city hall after 15 years para ayusin pero ibang date na ang na registered nila feb 28, 2022 na dahil hindi na raw valid ang kasal namin noong march 25, 2007 , Ang problema nagamit namin sa dalawang anak namin ang date na March 25, 2007 sa kanilang birth certificate. Ano po ang gagawin namin? Maikukuha pa po ba namin ng passport ang mga anak namin kahit may mali sa date?

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