What to Do When You Get a Negative Results Certification from the PSA

This may have happened to someone you know who knows someone you know: They requested for a copy issuance of a PSA birth certificate, a PSA marriage certificate, or PSA death certificate at a PSA CRS outlet but were given a Negative Certification instead.

What does it mean when you receive a Negative Certification or a Negative Report from the PSA?

It simply means that the PSA could not locate your civil registry document in their records or system. It does not automatically mean that there is no birth, marriage, or death registration. It could simply mean that the civil registry document was not endorsed to the PSA, that is why they could not locate the certificate you are requesting from them.

Why does this happen?

There are three possible reasons why a civil registry document could not be located by the PSA in its records:

  1. The Local Civil Registry (LCR) office where the birth, marriage, or death certificate was registered and recorded failed to endorse the document to the PSA for certification and recording.
  2. The hospital staff or the midwife who was responsible for processing the birth registration failed to do so within the 30-day reglementary period.
  3. The birth, marriage, or death record got lost in the LCR (as a result of flooding or fire).

What do I do when I get a Negative Certificate from the PSA?

The remedies for each of the three causes of the Negative Certificate above differ from each other. Read on.

  1. If the LCR failed to endorse the civil registry document to the PSA – but was registered at the LCR on time – you need only to request the LCR to endorse your document to the PSA for proper certification. You will be given an endorsement letter by the LCR that you will use as reference when claiming the first copy of your PSA certificate at a PSA CRS Serbilis outlet.
  2. If the hospital staff or midwife failed to register the civil registry document within the reglementary period, you need to file a Delayed Registration of birht (or marriage or death, as the case may be). As soon as the civil registry document is duly registered at the LCR, the document must be endorsed by the LCR to the PSA for proper certification. You may then request for a PSA copy at the PSA afterwards.
  3. If the registered copy of the civil registry document got lost because of man-made and natural disasters (fire, rain, flooding), it can be reconstructed. The LCR must recreate a new copy of the lost document and then submits the reconstructed copy to the PSA for certification. You may inquire at your LCR for further details on Reconstruction of lost civil registry documents.

All the above remedies require the submission of certain documents (as basis for the details of the life event) and processing fees. These vary, depending on the LCR’s recommendation. When having your civil registry documents reproduced, registered, or reconstructed, always make sure you are transacting with an employee or staff of the LCR or the city or municipal hall — never with a fixer. When paying for fees, always do it at the municipal treasurer or cashier and demand for an official receipt.

Stay safe and healthy!


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