Will The PhilSys ID Replace All Other Government-issued IDs?

The PSA proudly announced that they have successfully served more than 8 million PhilID cards to Filipinos who have completed Steps 1 and 2 of the PhilSys registration process. That is about 24% of the 33.8 million IDs they projected to create and deliver to the public this year. Earlier this year, the President ordered all government offices and private establishments to integrate the PhilID into their processes and services. This means that sooner than later, the PhilID shall be accepted as sufficient proof of identity and age in transactions.

Can the PhilID be presented in place of the PSA birth certificate?

According to CNN’s report and based on Section 3 of the Executive Order 162 published in the Official Gazette website, the PhilID may be presented in lieu of a birth certificate for transactions that require individuals to establish their age such as:

  • Application for marriage license;
  • Application for student’s permit or conductor’s license at the LTO;
  • Enrollment at public and private schools or registration for Professional Regulation Commission;
  • Voter’s registration with the COMELEC.

Will my other government-issued IDs be invalidated once I get my PhilID?

No. The order does not invalidate or render other government-issued IDs as unacceptable forms of identification after an individual has been issued a PhilID. You may continue using your other government-issued IDs in your transactions.

The PhilID does not cover or replace the functions of a non-professional and professional driver’s license, passport, and professional licenses. Meaning, you cannot present your PhilID as replacement or substitute for any of the above.

You may read the Executive Order 162 here.

When will my PhilID arrive in the mail?

I have to admit, I used trusty old Google to find the answer to this question.

I personally have not received my PhilID yet; I completed Step 2 last October. It is March 23 as I write this and I still do not have any idea when my ID will arrive.

According to an August 18, 2021 article released by the PSA in their website, the delivery of the PhilID card is estimated at six months. If this is true, then I should receive mine by next month, at best.

What do I need to present to the courier when my PhilID arrives?

PSA advises everyone who are waiting for their PhilID to keep the letter containing their PSN (PhilSys Number) as this will be used as the basis for the release of the ID. And just to be safe, prepare one valid ID as well. 🙂

If you still have not completed Steps 1 and 2 of the registration process, you can do it right here at the PhilSys website. Just click this link. I also noticed that most (if not all) of the registration centers at malls in Metro Manila no longer have long lines of people waiting for their biometric collection, so I guess it is safe to say that you can simply swing by any of the PhilSys outlets. There is one at the VMall in Greenhills, at Fishermall, and Robinson’s Galleria (these are the ones that I see every weekend).

Until then. Stay safe and healthy!


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