Checklist of Requirements for Pinoys Traveling to Singapore

As countries start opening up their borders to tourists, workers, and even residents returning home, we begin to feel how the pandemic has drastically changed the way we travel overseas. Even while restrictions start to ease up, we continue to accept the fact that traveling will never be the same as it was.

Until the pandemic is completely over (will it ever be?), we cannot simply book a ticket, hop on a plane, and land on foreign soil like it’s the most natural thing in the world. This time, we need to review the travel requirements of the country (or countries) we wish to visit to make sure that our travel preparations are not wasted.

If you are planning on visiting Singapore, here are the travel requirements you need to have (or do), especially when flying via our flag carrier, Philippine Airlines.

Read on.

Allowed Travelers:

  • As of March 3, 2022, PAL will only fly Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights or flights for vaccinated travelers only.
  • No quarantine for VTL flights to Singapore. This means that you no longer need to book a hotel to serve a quarantine period upon landing.
  • VTL flights are open to tourists, workers, and residents returning home to Singapore.
  • PAL requires travelers to be FULLY VACCINATED in order to qualify for the VTL flight.

Travelers allowed in PAL flights to Singapore:

  • Singapore citizens and permanent residents
  • Long-term pass holders
  • Short-term visitors and work permit holders

Documentary and ID requirements for travel:

  • Proof of vaccination
  • Travel/Transit History and Designated VTL Flight Requirements
  • Travel documents (passport, valid ID, other documents that may be asked of you depending on your purpose for travel).

Not allowed to apply for travel under VTL:

  • Non-Malaysian male Work Permit holders in the construction, marine shipyard, or process sector.
  • Work Permit holders staying in dormitories.

General Requirements:

A. What medical documents do you need to present?

  • Recognized Proof of Vaccination. This requirement is applicable to the following types of travelers:
    • Short-term visitors
    • Work Permit Holders Singapore Citizens
    • Permanent Resident and Long-Term Pass Holders
  • If you are not vaccinated in Singapore: Submit an Overseas Vaccination Certificate three days before your departure as part of the SG Arrival Card.
  • Supervised self-administered Antigen Rapid Test done within 24 hours of arrival in Singapore. (Singapore $15 for the antigen test. This can be paid via cashless mode at a Quick Test Center)
  • Negative RT-PCR test result or Professionally Administered Antigen Rapid Test from any DOH accredited laboratory taken within two days prior to departure.

B. What travel documents do you need to present?

  • PAL Passenger Information Form or PAL Partner Laboratory e-CIF Form.
  • PH Bureau of Immigration Declaration Form
  • COVID-19 Insurance Policy (for short-term visitors and work permit holders)
  • Valid Visa (for Visa-required passengers)
  • Vaccination Travel Pass (for Foreign or Long/Short-term visitors and Work Permit Holders)
    • VTP is valid for 13 calendar days from the traveler’s chosen date of entry.
    • It does not guarantee a ticket to a designated flight.
    • Unvaccinated children aged 12 below are not required to apply for VTP.
    • Military travelers with Immigration Exemption Order (IEO) are not required to apply for VTP.
  • Accomplished VTL travel to Singapore.

These policies may change any time; always check with your airlines for the updated travel requirements of the country you are visiting.

Have a fun but safe journey ahead!



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