A Guide on How to Use the PSA Online Appointment System

When getting a copy of your civil registry documents from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), you have two choices: you can order your PSA certificate online at PSAHelpline.ph and have it delivered to you, or you can visit a PSA outlet and request for your certificates over the counter. When the pandemic hit in 2020, people retreated to their homes and resorted to having their essentials delivered to them. We saw an increase in the demand to have PSA birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and CENOMARs delivered to different cities and provinces as most people chose to keep themselves and their families safe at home. Online ordering and home deliveries have never been more meaningful to Filipinos.

Late last year, PSA launched the Online Appointment System for Filipinos requesting for issuance of PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificates, and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) at Civil Registration Service outlets (CRS). This means that if a person would like to request for a copy of a civil registry document, they will have to create an online appointment first. The service was initially available in Metro Manila.

The online appointment system assures the public that they shall be promptly accommodated by the PSA during their visit. It helps the PSA manage foot traffic in their offices as well as avoid crowding in waiting areas. Workforce management at PSA CRS outlets are likewise made more efficient as the appointment system can show how many people are expected to visit a particular branch and the types of documents that the applicants would like to request. Remember that most, if not all, government and private offices had to manage their day-to-day operations with reduced capacity as part of the health protocols implemented at the height of the pandemic. The online appointment system saves everyone time, effort, and even expenses.

Online or over the counter?

Ordering your PSA birth certificate online (and other civil registry documents) is easy, convenient, and safe. Apart from your own PSA certificates, you can also order the PSA certificates of your children and your parents and have these delivered to you. You’ll have to receive the PSA documents yourself and not through a representative. If you would like to order for other members of your family (your siblings, in-laws), your spouse, or a friend, you’ll have to proceed to a PSA CRS outlet and apply for it personally.

How do I set an online appointment with PSA?

Follow these simple steps to successfully create an appointment at your chosen PSA CRS outlet:

  1. Using your laptop or mobile phone, log on to https://appointment.psa.gov.ph/

2. Click on the PSA CRS Appointment System image. You will be taken to the Privacy Notice page. After you have gone over this, click the I Agree button.

3. Choose the PSA CRS outlet that you wish to visit. The service is now available nationwide. If the PSA certificate you are requesting for underwent a court proceeding, book an appointment at the East Avenue outlet.

4. Fill-out the form and provide a working email address and mobile number. PSA will send a copy of your appointment sheet through your email address, and they may call you for any changes or updates on your appointment. Click on the Next button to proceed.

5. A 6-digit verification code will be sent to your email address. Get the code and key it in on the OTP verification field and click on Verify.

6. Select the PSA certificate that you will be requesting for and your relationship to the owner of the document. You may request for any of the following online:

  • PSA birth certificate
  • PSA marriage certificate
  • PSA death certificate

For the following people:

  • Self
  • Spouse
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Child (son or daughter)
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
  • Authorized Representative

7. Select the date and time of your visit. All fields in blue shade are available. At this point, you will also have the option to change the outlet in case there are no available slots at the outlet you chose. Just click on the Change Outlet button on the upper right corner of the screen.

8. Once you have finalized your time and date, you will be taken to a summary page. Check all the entries you made to be sure that all are accurate. Click on the Confirm button when you are ready to submit your appointment request.

9. After submitting your request for appointment, you will be sent a Civil Registration Service Appointment Slip with a QR code. You may print this out and present it at the outlet during your visit. You may also take a screenshot and save it on your phone for easier access. What is important is that the QR code is clearly visible.

10. On the day of your appointment, be at the outlet’s premises on time. Make sure to bring with you your own pen so you won’t have to borrow from the office in case you need to fill-out any forms. Observe health protocols by wearing your face mask properly, sanitizing your hands with alcohol, and covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing with the curb of your elbow. Avoid staying in the office longer than you need to – leave right away after you are done with your transaction.

Other Reminders You Need to Know:

  1. If you are requesting the PSA document for another person, bring an authorization letter from the owner of the document, his or her valid ID, and other supporting documents. These may be asked of you at by the Releasing Officer before the PSA certificates are handed to you.
  2. The basic fees for the PSA certificates are:
    • Copy issuance, Authentication and Annotation of Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates: Php 155.00 per copy.
    • CENOMAR – Php 210.00 per copy
  3. An authorized representative may only request for up to two unrelated individuals.
  4. Minors are not allowed to book an appointment. Their parents or guardians may request for their PSA birth certificates on their behalf.
  5. The use of the PSA online appointment system is free of charge. Setting an appointment is free of charge.
  6. Your appointment slip and QR code is non-transferrable.

How to get PSA certificate online

If you are requesting a PSA birth certificate, PSA marriage certificate, or CENOMAR for yourself or if you need a copy of the PSA death certificate of your departed parents or spouse, you can easily order online at PSAHelpline.ph. They deliver nationwide; you can receive your orders in 3 working days’ time if you are from Metro Manila (provincial orders are delivered in 3 to 8 working days). You may also request for the PSA birth certificate and PSA marriage certificate of your children and parents online. You may choose to pay for your orders online using your credit card, PayMaya, or GCash, or over the counter at their partner banks and payment centers.

So, will you request for your civil registry documents over the counter at PSA CRS outlets, or will you have yours delivered at your doorstep? Whatever choice you make, just be sure that you keep yourself and those around you safe from the virus.

Stay safe and healthy!


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