How To Get A TIN Even If You Are Unemployed

You can get your very own Tax Identification Number (TIN). Actually, you ARE supposed to get your TIN before your very first job.

Your TIN is needed for tax filing and payment and is your proof that you are a taxpayer. You will also be asked to present your TIN when transacting with government agencies, banks, and other private establishments.

Can you get a TIN even when you’re unemployed? Yes. Here’s how.

  1. Prepare the requirements for TIN application:
    • Duly accomplished BIR Form 1904
    • Your PSA Birth Certificate (original and photocopy) or any of the following:
      • Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)
      • Passport
      • Driver’s license
      • Any valid government-issued ID showing your full name, address, and birthdate.
    • Married applicants need to present their PSA marriage certificate.
    • Remember: you are applying for a TIN while you are unemployed. So, please make sure that you include all other necessary documents to support your purpose for applying. The BIR office might refuse your application and that is why you need to reiterate that you are applying under EO 98.
    • IF you are applying for a TIN because you need it for an upcoming employment, fill-out the BIR Form 1902 (not 1904).
  2. Submit your document requirements, including the duly accomplished BIR Form 1904 to the RDO of the city or municipality where you live.
  3. Clearly state that you are applying for TIN under EO 98 (a directive signed by ex-President Estrada requiring all government agencies and Government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCC) to use the TIN in all forms, permits, licenses, and other documents needed when transacting at their office.)
  4. The BIR staff will tell you when you can come back to get your TIN ID.

The TIN that will be issued to you will be your TIN for life. No need to apply for a new one when you start working or when you transfer from one job to another.

For more information on TIN application and other questions, the fastest way you can get a response is by sending a message through their Facebook page:

Stay safe and healthy!



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